A root canal procedure is recommended when you have an infected or severely damaged tooth. Since the treatment restores your tooth and saves you from tooth extraction, you will need to stick to the aftercare instructions your endodontist provides. One of the most frequent queries dentists receive is, ‘Can you smoke after a root canal?’
Smoking is damaging to your overall health, including your oral health. Therefore, dentists do not recommend smoking after a root canal, especially for at least 3 days. In this blog, we will mention the essential facts related to smoking and root canal. Continue reading to learn more.

Is it Ok to Smoke After Root Canal?

Your endodontist will perform the root canal after the pulp in your tooth becomes damaged. A damaged pulp could be inflamed or infected. Hence, the dental specialist will remove the affected pulp in a root canal procedure.

After the procedure, your mouth will feel numb due to the anesthesia. The numbness will last a few hours, and you should refrain from consuming anything hot until the anesthesia has worn off. Furthermore, you should not smoke during this time and throughout your recovery. This is because smoking can delay the recovery process.

Cigarettes introduce toxic chemicals into your mouth, which can cause cancer as well as potion the sensitive tissues. In addition, smoking decreases blood flow. Consequently, the gums are unable to receive a sufficient amount of oxygen and other nutrients. In short, smoking after a root canal prolongs the recovery time and causes additional issues.

Other Dental Complications Due to Smoking

Smoking is a big no-no in general, not just after root canal procedures. This is because smoking can lead to multiple oral health problems. In fact, smokers require root canals more than non-smokers. So if you’re a regular smoker, chances are you will need more root canals.

Apart from this, smoking contributes to many negative health consequences, such as oral cancer. Hence, the more you smoke, the more risks it brings. Root canals are invasive dental procedures that restore your tooth. It’s better to steer clear of the negative side effects than to risk losing your tooth.

Recovery Tips

Since you’re not allowed to smoke after a root canal, it’s best to stick to the aftercare to ensure quick and sage recovery. Your endodontist might instruct you to do the following:

  • Avoid consuming anything other than cold or room-temperature water for a few hours after the root canal. This way, you will not burn or cut your mouth while it is numb.
  • Eat soft foods and have beverages after the anesthesia has worn off. Hence, consume smoothies, mashed potatoes, and more after the root canal.
  • Ask your dentist for recommendations on painkillers to help with pain and swelling.
  • Use a cold compress to reduce the swelling.
  • Refrain from using a straw or smoking.

When to Smoke After a Root Canal

You will be able to resume your normal routine after three days have passed. Till then, you should follow the aftercare instructions and avoid smoking. Moreover, contact your endodontist if your symptoms do not go away or become worse.


In conclusion, you cannot smoke after a root canal since it delays healing and affects your oral health. Our Dynamic Dental Solutions team offers effective solutions for your dental concerns. Contact us today at (281) 837-9090. You can also visit us at 1410 Cedar Bayou Rd, Baytown, TX 77520.

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