A good dental hygiene regime is no rocket science and is known by all since the maximum emphasis is always on brushing and floss, but what comes before and after? Well, we have detailed a few pointers for your ease. But why is floss necessary anyway?

Floss, just like brushing, effectively decreases bacterial buildup, which may or may not be gradual. The germ attack leads to plaque that results in enamel, the outermost teeth layer’s breakdown, causing tooth decay. Flossing helps to get the plaque out from those areas which are challenging for the regular brush.

What Should One Do – Floss Before Or After Brushing?

Optimization of the dental routine is a must. So, does the sequence matter? Indeed it does, and we have facts to prove our point. Let us have a look.

It is not uncommon to think that floss before or after brushing would not make any difference. But, that does have an impact on the oral hygiene. Everyone who thinks that floss after brushing teeth is not effective must re-evaluate their stance after going through with this blog.

Floss directly after meals instead of the brush first removes bigger food particles between the teeth. After that, brushing with a good quality fluoride toothpaste helps in retaining it on the enamel as this element is essential for the rejuvenation of the enamel, protecting it from cavities and decay.

Tips for Better Hygiene

Avoid Using Toothpicks
Do not immediately resort to a toothpick if food gets stuck between your teeth but floss it out instead because picking can result in gum damage.

Fluoride Toothpaste
Fluoride provides strength to the enamel preventing decay.

Stop Harsh Brushing
Vigorous activity, be it brushing or floss, causes gum damage, and as a result, they recede from the line.

Always Go For Professional Dental Cleaning
You must visit your dentist for a deep dental cleaning at least 3 to 4 times per year. Why so? Well, they have special tools that go beyond regular cleaning, which are not for the layman. This ensures a healthy mouth.

Floss Before Brushing Helps Than After?
Following are the reason why the sequence is essential.

Prevention of Gum Disease
The gums are supposedly the figure that holds your teeth on the jaw bone. If the bacteria go more than what is tolerable for the mouth because of any reason, it moves towards the gums, causing an infection in the soft tissues and bones.

Plaque Removal
Plaque is the yellow-colored film that shows the presence of bacterial accumulation. It is a natural phenomenon and the most prominent cause of gum diseases. It is a requirement to remove the bacteria and leftover food debris from between teeth via floss and brushing after a thorough cleaning.

Final out Look

It is most likely that your sequence is not the same as mentioned above, try modifying it for maximum results, start off with floss, then brushing after it. This sequence is beneficial for the health of your oral cavity. However, you must make time for deep professional dental cleaning of your teeth as nothing can surpass that. Set an appointment today with one of the dentists at Dynamic Dental Solutions. Call 281 837 9090.

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