There has been a lot of improvement in dentistry in the last few years; today, almost all procedures are comfortably done without pain due to the use of sedation. Despite all this, people fear visiting the dental clinic, and this avoidance turns minor oral issues into major ones. However, there comes the point when the pain and sensitivity increase to an unbearable level; it is high time now, and one has to schedule the dental appointment. If oral health has worsened to the point that restoring is not possible, not even the root canal will work; full mouth extraction is the final solution.

Although the news might stop your heartbeat for a moment, there will be no other way out, so stay calm; it is not so frightening. Commonly, people who ignore oral problems for a long time and do not visit the dentist or those suffering dental abnormalities, heredity problems, or have unhealthy diet damage their oral health. At the time they reach the clinic, the situation is out of control. A full mouth extraction will only occur if no other option is available to restore the natural teeth. However, before the procedure, it is better to learn about it and the expectations after the extraction.

How many teeth can be extracted at one time?

In case of extreme decay and infection in the tooth, only that particular one needs removal. However, in a full mouth extraction, all the teeth in the mouth are extracted. It is a challenging task, and depending on the oral condition, the patient will determine the number of sittings. Mostly in multiple sessions, few teeth are pulled out each time. There is no fixed number, but an essential aim is to provide easiness and minimize patient pain.

Preparations before teeth extraction

Before the teeth removal, few preparations are necessary. These include;

  • Not having anything a few hours before the surgery; if it is in the morning, try not to have anything after an early dinner.
  • During the procedure, sedation will make the process smooth and comforting but can leave the patient drowsy. Hence, it is better to accompany someone with you so that he drives you back.
  • Store few ice packs for use after surgery. Although pain killers will lighten the pain, applying ice will soothe the area and heal the swelling.

Certain habits to avoid for a few days after the extraction

After the extraction, our mouth needs time to heal and return to normal. Therefore, it is better to avoid a few things that can raise infections.

  • Avoid smoking and drinking as both tobacco and alcohol can have adverse effects.
  • Don’t use straw or mouthwash; however, you can rinse with cold water but take care that the blood cloth does not spoil.
  • Do not engage in any heavy exercise or don’t pick up weighty objects as it might sore the bleeding.

If you have more concerns and queries regarding full mouth extraction, contact Dynamic Dental Solutions. We will be glad to help you. Call us at (281) 837-9090 to schedule an appointment.

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