It can be quite unpleasant waking up in the morning with an overactive gag reflex. Commonly recognized as a sign of potential pregnancy, several other factors can also cause morning sickness.

If you’re wondering, “why do I gag in the morning?” This article will dive into some of the possible causes of nausea in the morning.

Why Do I Gag In The Morning?

Gagging as soon as you wake up in the morning can ruin anyone’s day. But it’s not always caused by pregnancy, as people commonly believe. Here are some causes that can explain why you gag in the morning:

  • Low blood sugar. Some people may experience low blood sugar after a night’s sleep, which can cause nausea. This may, however, interfere with the feeling of hunger. You may not feel like eating, which can exacerbate the problem. Some diabetic medications may also cause this to happen. Eating a meal right after waking up may help.
  • Dehydration. Common symptoms of dehydration include irritability, confusion, lightheadedness, and even nausea. Alcohol consumption the night before compounds this effect. Drinking water or an oral rehydration solution with electrolytes can solve this.
  • Anxiety. People with anxiety may frequently become nauseous, especially if the morning involves a difficult or overwhelming routine. Consulting a mental health professional and employing techniques for reducing stress, such as therapy, mindfulness, and meditation can help treat the problem.
  • Migraine. If you regularly suffer from headaches, nausea may be a familiar symptom. Because of the complexity of diagnosis and treatment, it’s best to seek a doctor’s opinion. They may prescribe medication that can alleviate the feeling of wanting to gag in the morning.
  • Withdrawal. Certain drugs, such as caffeine, nicotine, recreational drugs, or prescription medication, can cause withdrawal symptoms that include nausea. Doctors stress the importance of tapering off medication instead of stopping taking it abruptly. If you’re suffering from withdrawal symptoms related to any drugs, contacting a medical professional is the best way to solve the problem.

When Should You See A Doctor?

Generally, morning sickness does not cause any symptoms that should worry you. However, if your morning sickness comes with stomach pain or fever, or if you experience severe nausea that does not get any better, go to the nearest ER.


Nausea first thing in the morning is not generally the sign of a severe medical issue. That said, however, it’s a good idea to visit a qualified doctor for diagnosis and treatment. This is especially true if your symptoms do not improve after a few days and you regularly gag in the morning. Many treatment options, including prescription medication, can help alleviate the problem.

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