Whiten Your Smile With The Help Of Your Dentist

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At Dynamic Dental Solutions, we know that your smile is one of the first things people notice when they meet you.

Naturally, when you have teeth that are dark, yellow, or stained, this can cause you to feel more self-conscious and less friendly.

But there is no need to continue beating yourself up about the color of your teeth.

A bright new smile from one of our dentist-guided teeth whitening procedures (that we facilitate in our Cedar Bayou Road office) can give you a much-needed boost in confidence.

You Can’t Hide Your Dark Habits

For many of our Baytown, TX dental patients, the residual effects of coffee, tea, tobacco, and food have seriously stained their teeth.

Maybe you can relate!

Continued use of these products can leave you with a smile that you are no longer willing to share with the world.

Plus, no matter how well you keep up with oral hygiene, your smile begins to darken with age anyway.

Still, professional teeth whitening from Dynamic Dental Solutions can make things brighter for you.

Don’t Go Looking Over-The-Counter

There are many DIY teeth whitening kits to be found at any supermarket and drugstore.

They tend to make big promises and make little difference in your situation.

What’s more, they set you up for failure, and since it is a DIY project, you are conveniently left to shoulder the blame for the lackluster results.

Don’t fall for these tricks.

When you think about it, such a procedure couldn’t possibly be effective given that it is centered around a one-size-fits-all tray that doesn’t even fit you properly.

Honestly, you’ll be lucky if you come out of it unharmed.

You can inadvertently damage your gums if the whitening solution escapes the poorly-fitted trays and makes it onto your soft tissues.

This happens more than you’d think, and it just isn’t worth it.

But don’t despair, Dynamic Dental Solutions has a plan for you.

Professional Whitening Treatments Are Easy In Baytown, TX

Our Baytown, TX dental team can offer you an in-office bleaching session, an at-home teeth whitening kit that we put together, or a combination of the two, depending on your current needs.

During our in-office teeth whitening procedure, we will apply a barrier to your gums to protect the soft tissues of your mouth, and then apply a professional-grade bleaching gel to only your teeth.

This is a safe, fast, and effective measure.

In as little as one hour, the bleaching chemicals will get deep into the enamel of your teeth and oxidize the stains that are on them, providing you with a brighter smile to flash on your way home.

An at-home teeth whitening kit from us will also be safe and provide you with comparable results, but it will take a little longer to accomplish your whitening goals.

In any event, the best way to get started is to come in for a whitening consultation.

Contact Us Today!

Don’t hide your smile any longer.

We can immediately help you restore whiteness to your teeth through one of our professional whitening treatments.

Contact our Baytown, TX dental office today to schedule your whitening consultation.

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