Noticing white stains on your teeth can make you worried regarding your oral health. Plus, it affects your pearly smile too! Many become conscious of their smile, as the discoloration can lower their self-confidence. Worry not, though, as we will tell you how to get rid of white spots on your teeth in this blog.

5 Methods to Get Rid of White Spots on Teeth

There are many treatment options for the white spots on your teeth, depending on the cause. This is why you must check in with your dentist first to determine the cause of these white marks on your teeth. After identifying the reason, your dentist might opt for one of these options:

  • Topical Fluoride: Applying topical fluoride to the teeth can be effective in getting rid of the white spots. This treatment encourages the development of enamel, which might help if the cause behind discoloration is enamel hypoplasia. Moreover, it will also help prevent tooth decay, which is another reason for the white marks.
  • Teeth Whitening or Bleaching: You can remove the white spots by going for a teeth whitening treatment. Whitening strips and pastes are easily available; you can get them over the counter or online. Furthermore, you can schedule professional teeth whitening with your dentist. Since professional teeth whitening is done using stronger bleaching solutions, they show more effective results.
  • Enamel Microabrasion: Your dentist might suggest enamel microabrasion to remove the white stains on the teeth. This process involves removing a minor amount of tooth enamel, which helps eliminate the white spots. Also, they might suggest a teeth whitening after this to enhance your smile more.
  • Dental Veneer: Although they might cost more than the other treatments, dental veneers cover the white spots. A dentist can customize one for your teeth, as only a professional can handle the process. These thin, tooth-colored shells blend right in with your natural pearls.
  • Resin Infiltration: This treatment for the white spots on your teeth involves removing a thin enamel layer. After that, your dentist applies a tooth-colored resin to fill the spot and uses a special light to harden it. Results would be even-colored, smooth teeth.

Preventing White Spots on Teeth

Anyone can develop white spots on their treatment, be it children or adults. Children might notice white marks on their tooth’s surface before they turn 10. Therefore, practicing good oral care is important to prevent any problems. You can also try these to get rid of white spots on the teeth before they even appear:

  • Fluoride is vital for teeth, but too much of it can cause discoloration. So try using fluoride-free water, particularly if you’re making formula milk for your little one.
  • Check that your children are using a suitable amount of toothpaste. A rice grain size if they’re under three and pea-sized if they’re older.
  • Get private wells tested for fluoride levels every year if your home is connected to one.
  • Refrain from eating too many acidic foods and drinks
  • Don’t skip your routine dental check-ups and examinations.

The Final Word

Now that you know how to get rid of white spots on your teeth check in with your dentist first. They can determine the cause and recommend the best treatment. Our Dynamic Dental Solutions team is looking forward to your visit. Dial (281) 837-9090 to get started on getting the best pearly smile!

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