Never ignore toothache and sensitivity as it might be the starting phase for the spread of bacteria. As said, sooner, the better; restore your oral health by regularly maintaining hygiene and visiting the dental clinic. In a few cases, there is no pain, but the tooth is infected. This might be shocking, but the patient knows that the root canal is necessary to save the tooth during the routine checkup. If you delay, the emergency root canal will become necessary, and you will have to rush for it.

Can an infected root canal tooth be saved?

Teeth consist of various layers; the one visible to us is the enamel. It is the rigid white structure that covers the tooth and is continuously under pressure. Below the enamel is the dentin that holds the pulp. Pulp has nerves containing blood vessels and tissues. The spread of bacteria starts from enamel and reaches the pulp. However, there is a risk that infection might spread into the blood flowing to other parts of the body. Hence, in the root canal, the pulp is cleaned thoroughly using various instruments and then filled and sealed to block the bacteria’s entrance. The procedure saves the tooth.

Reasons for emergency root canal

Various reasons are responsible for an emergency root canal; read ahead to find about a few of them.

  • As bacteria spread, the infection enters into pulp, and there is a risk of it flowing into the blood.
  • Specific injuries or accidents that damage the tooth so that it needs immediate treatment. Like when returning from school, your child fell down the stairs, and the incident broke a few pieces from her tooth.
  • The damage can be due to fractures and chips. A root canal heals the tooth and seals it.

Is the root canal an emergency?

A root canal becomes an emergency if the following signs and symptoms appear;

  • Severe pain and sensitivity while having hot and cold food and beverages. In extreme cases, it might even bother you when speaking and doing strenuous exercises
  • The swelling and pain in the gums leading to inflammation. The gums might turn red and tender
  • The tooth might discolor; if you feel them turning light, grey, or yellowish, get your tooth checked.
  • There is also a possibility that the tooth loosens a bit, and you might feel it during chewing and biting.

Emergency root canal recovery

At the dental clinic, after emergency treatment, a few precautions are necessary. To manage pain, the patient will take pain killers as prescribed. It is also better to place a tiny piece of ice cubes over the area to reduce swelling and rinse your mouth regularly with warm salty water. Taking proper care after the emergency root canal will quickly heal the tooth, and the individual can start routine activities in a few days.

Are you looking forward to an emergency root canal, contact the team at Dynamic Dental Solutions. We provide emergency care in the most comfortable environment. Call us at (281) 837 9090 to know more.

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