Everyday several tooth extractions take care at the dental clinic due to various reasons. The process is simple, and the use of sedation and medicines makes it comfortable and pain free; however, after care is essential for quick recovery. The exposed area forms a blood clot to stop bleeding and any hard or crunchy stuff can break it. So if you wonder what to eat after tooth extraction, the following article will help you in solving your queries. Read along to find out the list of food safe to eat after you return back without your tooth.

Soft desserts

You can have custard, pudding or ice cream; however, be careful not to have too sweet treats as they are not good for oral health. Besides rinse your mouth after having them to avoid infections or spread of bacteria. Gelatine is also a nice option; you can have jelly with your favorite pudding. So if you plan to go shopping before the procedure, remember to buy your sweet supplies.

Dairy products

The list is endless in this category, besides they are a healthy choice for your teeth and gums. You can have your favorite cheese to fill up your appetite or even a bowl of yogurt is great. These items don’t need chewing, you just take in small amounts. Try to avoid contact with the area that has clot formed. Moreover, it includes a variety of milk shakes that are too yummy and nutritious. Also remember not to use a straw for a few days after tooth extraction as it damages your clot. Sip slowly and steadily.


Fruit smoothies are healthy and good to have. The vitamins in fruits help in quick recovery. Just add in the blender milk, with your favorite fruits and flavors to prepare your glass of smoothies. Besides, few are available in the market that are nice to go, just remember to have home made if possible.


Few people feel nauseated after the procedure; hence a popsicle is a nice choice. However, eat it carefully. Your jaws are tender, and the clot is fresh so just lick it and don’t bite. A popsicle might also help you get out of the sedation early.

Cereals or mashed potato

Breakfast cereals like oatmeal are a healthy choice; you can top it with soft fruits or any sauce. Try not to add in the nuts. Another option is mashed potatoes, they are a soft delicious treat; many of us love it with sour cream and cheese. Don’t add meat bites as you won’t be able to chew it. Have any food that doesn’t require chewing and you can just take it easily. If you think it is too thick add in the milk to prepare a smooth paste

Scrambled eggs, soft mangoes, peaches, avocado, or other pureed fruits all are great to have after tooth extraction. So, if you take care it will result in quick recovery and the chances of infection will be minimal. If you are still in doubt about what to eat after tooth extraction, contact Dynamic Dental Solutions. Call us at (281) 837-9090 to schedule your appointment.

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