The basic component to care for your oral health is the toothbrush. Having good brushing habits and technique is important, but so is the tool you use. When helping your kids obtain good brushing habits, you want to give them the right toothbrush for the job. Toothbrushes have come a long way and there are some excellent options out there when you are trying to find the best toothbrush for your kids.

Manual Kid’s Toothbrushes

A standard manual toothbrush is still a good option for teaching kids to brush. You want a toothbrush that is designed for children and has the ADA seal of approval. These have soft bristles and edges to ensure your child will not damage their teeth or gums. They are also sized appropriately for smaller hands and mouths, many with fun designs that kids love.

Electric Toothbrush for Kids

When it comes to effectiveness, electric toothbrushes can offer a better cleaning of the teeth than a manual toothbrush, especially for kids. The rotating brush helps complete more strokes and removes more plaque and food debris, especially for kids who may not have their technique down. Another advantage of electric toothbrushes is they tend to be more fun for your child; it is easier to get kids to brush when they are intrigued by the device.

It is important to choose an electric toothbrush that is made for children, not adults. Kid’s toothbrushes are softer and gentler than adult versions, which is crucial to protect their growing teeth. Make sure to choose a model designed for kids if your child is 12 years old or younger.

Smart Toothbrushes

kids love technology and games, so it makes sense that adding these elements to oral hygiene will be more engaging for your child. There are “smart” toothbrushes that connect to smartphone apps to monitor brushing and make it interactive for kids with games and challenges. While these toothbrushes are certainly more expensive than a manual toothbrush, if they improve your child’s oral hygiene habits, they are worth the investment.

At Dynamic Dental Solutions, we work with kids and their parents to create excellent dental habits that can help make smiles last a lifetime. We take the time to teach our young patients the best way to brush and floss, and we can help you find the best toothbrush for kids based on your needs and budget. Call us today to schedule you and your child’s next cleaning and checkup.

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