If you have a cavity, your dentist will need to perform a filling to prevent further damage and decay. While fillings are a common dental treatment, they can still be nerve-wracking to patients who have never needed dental work beyond basic cleaning. Keep reading to learn what happens during a dental filling so you can walk into the dentist’s office prepared.

Who Needs a Filling?

Fillings are performed to correct mild cavities caused by tooth decay. Your dentist will use a filling to fill the hole left in your tooth after this decay is treated. The filling protects your tooth from further damage. Dentists use fillings to treat mild cavities before they become bigger issues. If you don’t treat a cavity with a filling, you might need a more complex treatment like a root canal in the future.

Understanding the Procedure

Understanding what happens during a filling will help you feel comfortable with the procedure. To treat a cavity, your dentist must first remove the decayed pulp from your tooth. They will do this using a small drill that cleans out the damaged material. After the decay is removed, you will be left with a very small hole in your tooth. Your dentist will use a strong material to fill this hole and seal the exposed part of the tooth. Most fillings today are made of composite resin, but other materials are available too. Talk to your dentist about the best option for your fillings.

Dental fillings don’t have to be scary. At Dynamic Dental Solutions, we will answer all of your questions so you feel confident before your dental procedure. To learn more about fillings or to make an appointment to treat your cavity, call us today.

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