Losing teeth is not unusual; despite it being one of the worst nightmares, such incidents happen. Various factors are responsible for it, including minor or major accidents or even aging. People start losing permanent teeth after the age of seventy-five, and it is common in many adults. Moreover, gum diseases, tooth decay, and infections due to bacteria worsen the oral conditions, and there is no option left but to get rid of the tooth. Previously, bridges and dentures replaced the empty hole; however, a dental implant is one of the most convenient forms today. Indeed, the pros and cons of dental implants are many; let’s discuss a few of them.

Pros and cons of dental implants

Before having implants, these guides will help you in making the right choice. Every procedure has benefits and disadvantages; however, getting it done is your preference. It is a fact that in dental implants, the pros outweigh the cons. Following are the few advantages of dental implants

1. After the dental implant, you get teeth that look and function like natural teeth. No one can tell the difference, and you will get your genuine smile back. A Few months after the treatment, you might not even remember that you have an artificial tooth in your mouth. It doesn’t need maintenance; however, treat it as a natural tooth and take care of oral hygiene. It is fixed in your jaw and is firm and robust similar to other teeth.

2. Similar to natural teeth, you need to clean them properly. Brush twice a day and floss regularly. After the implant, a crown is placed on the top, requiring replacement after ten to fifteen years. It would depend on your oral health. To take care of your new and existing teeth, eat a healthy diet, replace freshwater with fizzy drinks, and avoid smoking. Your implanted teeth will last a lifetime with proper care and hygiene. Currently, it is the only way of getting permanent teeth back.

3. You can eat, bite, and chew everything after dental implants; however, the situation is quite the opposite with dentures and bridges. After the complete treatment, your gums and new tooth are in place; hence, biting crunchy snacks or nuts or chewing gums and candies is easy. The only point to consider is oral hygiene; brush and floss regularly.

4. Dental implants prevent bone loss; this usually happens after you lose your teeth. Bones start to weaken; hence, the screw acts like roots of natural teeth keeping the bones healthy.

Dental implants have disadvantages too. It is an expensive procedure and quite a lengthy one. Depending on your oral situation, the treatment will carry on. If the bone is weak, you might need grafting, which would add in the months. Moreover, there is an involvement of several procedures. Ask our team for the time your whole treatment can take. Despite its cost and length of time, the result is fruitful. To know more about the pros and cons of dental implants, discuss with us. Call Dynamic Dental Solutions at (281) 837 9090 to schedule your appointment.

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