There are hundreds of cosmetic complaints that you could have about your smile. So many things can happen or go wrong that the possibilities are endless. Many patients are able and willing to ignore cosmetic flaws, but when it comes to the front teeth, few people are able to ignore the embarrassment. If your front teeth are unsightly, it’s time to make a change and get your confident smile back!

Our first goal will be finding out what caused the cosmetic issues in your teeth. An injury is one of the most common reasons for unsightly front teeth. Patients might break, chip, or crack a front tooth causing the damage. It could just be a genetic flaw as well, leaving you with unsightly front teeth. The worst-case scenario is that there is something damaging your tooth, in which case we will need to repair the health of the tooth before we can do any cosmetic work.

Giving You A Confident Smile

In order to regain your confident smile, we often recommend using porcelain veneers. You definitely don’t need to live with teeth that are embarrassing! With veneers, we can simply cover your existing teeth with thin porcelain shells. The shell will extend past the end of your short tooth, giving the appearance of even front teeth. The solution will be so flawless that no one will know that they aren’t looking at your natural smile!

Don’t live with a flawed smile. If it keeps you from being confident, it needs to be fixed. Nothing should keep you from a confident smile! Contact us today to set up a consultation where we can discuss your cosmetic changes. We would love to help you have a happier and healthier smile!

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