Gingivitis is common. However, many people don’t even know what this word means. While gums are often ignored, they are another important part of your oral health. Below, we will explain gingivitis and the basics of gum health. This way, you can keep your whole mouth healthy.

What is Gingivitis?

While the word gingivitis sounds complicated, the problem is actually pretty simple. Gingivitis is a gum disease that is caused by inflammation. It’s perhaps the most common gum issue that people face. There are many different causes of this disease. For instance, certain health issues can cause gum problems. This can include vitamin deficiencies, medications, and even pregnancy. However, some patients will get gingivitis due to poor nutrition and/or a lack of oral hygiene. Other patients will simply develop gingivitis with age.

Gingivitis Symptoms

Gingivitis causes gums to become red, swollen, or tender. Therefore, it’s important to look for gum changes. Redness, swelling, receding gums, gum pain, and bleeding are all symptoms. Click here for more information on what to look for.

Keeping Your Gums Healthy

Practicing good oral hygiene will protect your gums and prevent future issues like gingivitis. Be sure to brush twice a day and floss once a day. Remember that timing is important, too. Set a timer for two minutes each time you brush your teeth so you can properly remove plaque. Staying generally healthy. Limiting processed sugars and tobacco products will also help prevent gingivitis.

Don’t Forget to Visit the Dentist

While the dentist is known for fixing and preventing tooth issues, they also provide important gum care. Visiting your dentist every six months will protect your overall mouth. It will also help you develop an ongoing relationship with your dentist. This is helpful if a problem comes up. Plan your dental checkup today. Schedule your appointment by calling 281-837-9090.

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