The word “holistic” is buzzing around the healthcare field as of late, and it is obvious that everyone is clamoring for more holistic approaches to their health. Dentistry is no exception.

There is one thing to note before diving into what a holistic dentist can truly do for you: It is imperative to know what it means to be holistic in the first place. Simply put, a holistic approach to anything (food, health, etc…) take a look at the whole picture and assesses how all the parts of one’s being fit together as a whole.

When dentistry is approached in a holistic manner, dentists look at the person as a whole and assess how dental health affects or is affected by the other parts of a patient’s body.

Holistic Dental Treatments

You would expect that if a wholistic dentist was concerned with taking a look at the whole body and how oral care affects all of the parts of a person’s body, they would also be concerned with the treatments a person receives (medicines, procedures, etc…).

Some of the treatments that a holistic dentist would approach differently than a traditional dentist would be fluoride treatment (mostly the ingestion of fluoride), root canal procedures (wholistic dentists do not perform these for sterilization purposes), and mercury fillings (due to the toxin levels, they might even want to replace those already in place).

Overall Assessment of Health vs Dental Treatment of Oral Issues

While treatments performed by a holistic dentist can be quite different from that of a traditional dentist, this is not the main difference a holistic dentist might note. Dental practices often focus on the treatment of oral issues rather than what is actually causing the issues in the first place.

Holistic dentists are very careful to assess and address the issues that arise first and foremost in the body, which cause dental issues to arise in the first place. This is how they can help decrease dental issues in the future, rather than mask what is really happening within a person’s body with temporary dental treatments.

At Dynamic Dental Solutions, it is clear that holistic dental care is our top priority. We believe in finding the root of the problem rather than simply masking the real issues with temporary fixes. We would love to show you how holistic dentistry can help improve your dental and overall health. Let us take you on a holistic dental journey!

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