A dental implant is one of the best solutions to replace missing teeth. Teeth are one of the significant assets we all have; besides, we can’t live without them. Can you imagine going on without food just for a day? Implants result in teeth that function and look exactly like a natural ones. So, what is the truth about dental implants? Read along to find out. However, first, to understand the system, let’s look at the various parts, including implant, abutment, and the crown.

Parts of implants

To fix the implant first titanium post attaches to the jawbone that replaces the missing tooth root. The abutment holds the implant and the crown together; finally, a crown covers an implant’s top part. Crown is custom made and gives a similar appearance to natural teeth. As it fixes directly on the jaws, implants are strong and long-lasting. Few other options to replace the missing teeth are bridges or dentures. Besides having pros and cons, these two ways are not permanent solutions. Discuss with your practitioner which method will suit you the best.

Benefits of implants

Following are the benefits of dental implants and why they are considered as one of the best solutions.

  • They look exactly like natural teeth. Nothing can beat the functionality of this method. Their look, feel, and use is similar, and you don’t need to change any eating habits. In other ways, you have to think twice and be very careful when biting hard and sticky food. There is no chance that the teeth will slip or lose their place; therefore, just care for them like natural teeth and maintain oral hygiene.
  • They are permanent solutions and last a lifetime. Only the crown needs a replacement after every ten to twelve years, depending on the wear and tear. Moreover, it’s durable, and with proper oral hygiene and care, there are no chances of decay. Brush and floss them regularly to have the same confidence and smile again.
  • It is a successful procedure, and there is little chance of failure. Before the treatment, your oral condition is appropriately examined, and then further step is carried out. It is a lengthy and complicated method, and each step needs the proper skill of your practitioner.
    After the implant, there is no need to change your eating patterns. You can bite and chew everything from nuts, candies to corns. However, be careful to brush and floss regularly to prevent the spread of decay.
  • When losing the permanent teeth affects is directly on our bone and facial structures. This is the reason we often find sunk in looks in older people wearing dentures. An implant prevents it and maintains the natural look of the face and bone tissues. You get a healthy foundation for your teeth and gums to continue functioning normally.

These truths about dental implants will help you know more in-depth about the procedure. To have it done by the most trusted and expert team, contact Dynamic Dental Solutions. Call us at (281) 837 9090 to schedule your appointment.

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