Few things take the confidence and joy out of a smile faster than missing teeth, but dentures just aren’t for everyone. There are many reasons why some patients opt for denture alternatives, especially implants. Learn more about these dental appliances and how they can help to restore your confidence in your smile.

Why Some Patients Choose Dental Implants

At the end of the day, the reasons why patients often opt for dental implants over traditional dentures are as varied and unique as the patients themselves. Still, there are some aspects of this tooth-replacement option that can make them more desirable for many people. They’re ideally suited to patients for whom the following is true:

  • You do not want to remove and soak your teeth overnight.
  • You want to prevent bone loss in the jaw, which can be a very real problem for patients with traditional dentures.
  • You’re concerned about the likelihood of replacement teeth slipping, clicking or otherwise impeding normal function when you eat, laugh, talk or kiss someone.
  • You’re invested in making sure your replacement teeth look as natural as possible.

Are Implants Right for You?

While there are some patients for whom implants simply aren’t a good option, it’s true that they can be the best possible solution for the right patients. If you have healthy gum tissue and a healthy jaw, implants can support the replacement of one or several missing teeth. They can last more than two decades with a good oral hygiene routine.

If you’re interested in exploring your options for replacement teeth, including dental implants, call Dynamic Dental Solutions. We provide the very best in oral health management, including tooth replacement, and are standing by to help you make an informed choice that is ideally suited to your individual needs.

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