Dental implants have been growing in popularity. But why is that? If you are faced with the choice between a bridge and an implant, which would you choose? An implant holds many benefits over other alternatives that may seem easier or cheaper in the long run. Let’s look at a few, so you can see for yourself why the “dental implant phenomenon” is as big as it is.

Problems With Bridges

Studies show that having an implant greatly reduces the need to fix or even replace adjacent teeth. To that end, when you are fitted for a partial denture, or bridge, as it is also known, the adjacent teeth need to be shaped and sometimes fitted with permanent equipment that will allow the partial to snap into place. This means those teeth will deteriorate more quickly, requiring even more dental work down the road. With an implant, this is avoided.

Better Appearance

An implant allows you to appear more natural than you can with a partial. The crown placed over the implant can be made to match your existing teeth perfectly or even to match recent photos, so you appear as close to your natural self as possible, with little change.

More Reliable

Because the implant needs very little dental work outside, regular maintenance, it will last much longer than the alternative. A partial will only last a few years, even with maintenance, and will usually need to be repaired, even if it is cared for diligently. There is always the risk of a partial being lost or broken, as well. It can be misplaced while cleaning, or it can be dropped in the sink.

An Implant is Easier to Maintain

People often complain about having food particles lodged under their dentures, including a partial. It is uncomfortable. A partial can also shift, as you talk or eat. You also have to remove it for cleaning and have a special container, paste, and toothbrush for that process. With a dental implant, all of this can be avoided.

While an implant may have a higher upfront investment, the long-term costs of a partial, coupled with the hassles that it causes, may cause you to reconsider, as so many others have. There is a reason why they call it the “dental implant phenomenon,” and if you choose an implant over a partial, you will soon find out why.

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