Do you have any New Year’s resolutions? If you’re like many Americans, you might be thinking about joining a gym or starting a new diet. Health-based resolutions are a popular way to start fresh in the new year. And while diet and exercise are certainly important parts of health, many of us forget about our oral health. Scheduling a dental exam is a great way to prioritize your health and prevent diseases this year. Read on to learn why dental exams are so important.

The Perfect Time to Clean Your Teeth

The holiday season is usually filled with delicious food. If you indulged with your family and friends in December, a professional dental cleaning during the new year is a good idea. Dental cleanings happen during regular dental exams. These cleanings will remove plaque buildup that is left behind from sugary foods and drinks. Regular cleanings will prevent tooth decay and help to reduce your risk of oral diseases.

Setting Health Goals With Your Dentist

A dental exam gives a professional the chance to assess your teeth, mouth, gums, and tongue for abnormalities and signs of disease. Dental exams help patients prevent diseases before they start, as your dentist will be able to notice warning signs that you might miss. Scheduling your dental exam in the new year allows you to work with your dentist to set health goals that can help keep your mouth healthy for the entire year and beyond.

Baytown, TX Dental Exams

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