Sedation Dentistry

Our top priority is your comfort!

Anxiety is not an illness, it is a condition!

We offer two affordable sedation options,

Nitrous oxide gas a.k.a. laughing gas

  • The safest kind of sedation
  • Can be used in kids and adults
  • Quick onset and offset; therefore you will not need a driver to pick you up after the dental appointment.

Oral conscious sedation using triazolam (Halcyon)

  • Remember, it’s CONSCIOUS sedation. It is very safe.
  • It will make you sleepy and unaware of dental procedures.
  • You will need a driver to bring you to the clinic and take you home
  • The most common type of sedation done during Implant surgery
We encourage patients not to fight with anxiety but use these resources to take care of their oral health. We are happy to take care of you. Make an appointment with us at 281-837-9090.