Reclaim Your Life With Dental Implants In Baytown, TX

Welcome to the final February installment of the Dynamic Dental Solutions blog! We make it our mission to keep your mouth healthy and your smile looking great all through life. And we’ll be here for you with restorative services should anything go awry. So, what brings you here today?

Are you…

…missing teeth?

…embarrassed to smile?

…having trouble eating the foods you love?

…looking for a dentist you can trust to find a permanent solution?

Then look no further! Your Baytown, TX dentist can set you up with a permanent solution for missing teeth in the form of dental implants.

When Do Dental Implants Make Sense?

Implants are the modern version of artificial teeth. So, if you ever find yourself confronted with tooth loss as an adult, we can provide durable and strong dental implants to help you quickly restore the natural look and function of your mouth.

No matter how it happens, tooth loss as an adult is painful and traumatic, and this scenario only gets worse for you if left untreated. The truth is, your body’s general health is connected to having a healthy mouth.

When you have a full set of working teeth, you can make healthy, fiber-rich foods a part of your regular diet. This is something we all take for granted until the ability to make such healthy choices disappears.

Fiber is actually more important than you can imagine. It is helpful for regulating your blood sugar and keeping your heart healthy. Fiber also plays a role in preventing weight gain and hemorrhoids. It is also known to lower the risk of having a stroke.

When you have lost teeth, you will find chewing to be an extremely difficult ordeal. You will start to go-to foods that are far less healthy but more manageable to chew.

Over time, this will be a bad situation for your health! But your health isn’t all that will suffer.

Implants Can Restore Your Appearance

When you are missing teeth, there will be holes in your smile the size of the elephant in the room, and your cheeks will collapse adding unwanted years to your appearance.

As such, you will probably become self-conscious about sharing conversation, a joke, or a meal. Your unfortunate dental condition may isolate you from friends and family, adding to your depression, and effectively ruining your social life.

That is no way to be!

Luckily, dental implants from our Baytown, TX office can fix your smile fast and restore your normal appearance.

What Do Dental Implants Involve?

Basically, our implants are inserted surgically and begin to integrate with your jawbone essentially replacing your tooth root with a titanium post. The post will then provide a foundation for a crown that will be placed on top. This is the part that looks like a tooth.

Your final restorations will take place a few months later. This is to ensure that sufficient healing and fusion have taken place in your jawbone.

In the end, dental implants offer incredible strength and durability. With the appropriate oral hygiene habits, your dental implant from Dynamic Dental Solutions can last the rest of the lifetime.

Learn More, Get Started!

Now that you know what implants can do for you, and how easy the procedure can be, we hope that you have been inspired to take the next step. Full disclosure: to be considered as a candidate for dental implants, you must be in relatively good health and free of chronic diseases like diabetes.

Contact our Baytown, TX dental team to get started today!

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