Tooth injury, decay, and gum diseases can lead to a root canal. Nowadays, the root canal is a safe and standard procedure with a huge success rate, and the dentist often practices it. Although the treatment is safe, precautions have to be taken. The individual has to take care of eating after the root canal and avoid hard foods.

A root canal saves the tooth; however, it removes bacteria that may be living there. In a root canal, the dentist cleans the tooth and then disinfects it. Next, he removes the inflamed or infected root canal, and then the tooth is again filled and sealed. There is nothing to be worried about, and the dentist will save the natural and surrounding teeth by this process.

Avoid eating hard food

After the root canal, one has to be careful; side effects can occur if avoided. Teeth become sensitive after the treatment, so one should not eat hard and crunchy foods like nuts, chips, or candy as it might fracture the tooth. Instead, replace it with soft alternatives like fruits such as banana, avocado, melon, or papaya.

Avoid hot drinks and spicy food

Few hours after the root canal, do not drink hot beverages like soup, tea, or coffee and avoid spicy food. The ingredients in them might cause sensitivity affecting the gum tissues. Instead, have yogurt, fresh fruit juices, milkshakes, or oatmeal. These healthy alternatives will provide proper nourishment and won’t damage teeth.

Schedule an appointment

Planning eating after root canal treatment has to be careful; a wrong diet will irritate the area. It might increase the chances of infection and injuries, causing complications. Next time if you have any questions or concerns regarding root canal treatment and its aftermath, schedule your appointment at Dynamic Dental Solutions by calling 281-837-9090.

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