If you need a tooth extraction, it can be nerve-wracking for anyone with anxiety associated with dental treatments. However, teeth that are diseased, broken or have grown incorrectly may need to be removed for the overall benefit of your health. If you need a wisdom tooth removed or another tooth extracted, you may be concerned about the potential problems that could occur. Knowing what to expect can help minimize your anxiety and make the procedure less stressful.

What to Expect During a Tooth Extraction

Most tooth extractions are routine procedures without any complications. Removing a tooth can take only a few minutes, with little discomfort during the procedure. To prepare you for your procedure, your dentist and dental team will let you know what to expect and discuss anesthesia options. The gum around the tooth is usually numbed with a local anesthetic and sedation options may be available, if you prefer. The dentist will carefully plan the extraction to ensure the procedure goes quickly and without any distress.

In most cases, there are no problems that occur during a tooth extraction. A tooth can be removed in a quick office visit, and you can return home to recover. When the local anesthetic or other anesthesia begins to wear off, there may be some soreness or discomfort. This can be alleviated with pain medications. Your dental team will give you instructions for after-extraction care, including how to expedite healing of the tooth removal area.

If the after-care instructions are followed, there are rarely problems following a tooth extraction. However, there are issues to watch for that could be signs of a complication. You should contact your dentist if the following occurs when you are recovering from a tooth extraction:

  • Excessive bleeding – a small amount of bleeding is normal
  • Fever or chills
  • Swelling or redness in the extraction area
  • Intense pain that does not subside

Most extractions no longer have any tenderness or problems after a week, however, it can take a few weeks for the tooth socket to completely heal. If you have any problems after your procedure, you should call your dentist immediately.

At Dynamic Dental Solutions, we offer a safe, comfortable atmosphere for all your dental needs, including tooth extractions. Our experienced dental team can help you prepare for your procedure and ensure you get the best care during and after your tooth extraction. Call our office if you need a tooth removed or any other complicated dental procedure.

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