We all want what is best for our teeth. We brush twice a day, use mouthwashes twice a day, and visit the dentist almost every six months to keep our teeth healthy. However, there are still many things to oral care wellness than the basics we do regularly. They may seem a bit difficult, but with time, they will become as natural as brushing. Let us take a look at a few things you should do to help maintain oral care wellness for your children.

1. The proper way to use toothpaste for young children and infants

If your child is between zero to three, ensure that the amount of toothpaste they use while brushing their teeth is no larger than a grain of rice. If your child is between three to six, ensure that the toothpaste amount is no larger than pea-sized.

2. Find all the options for relaxing your child during dental procedures

Do not be afraid of the dentist! They are there to serve you and make your child’s experience as pain-free as they can. It is true; dental work is frightening for a lot of children. That is why you should consult with your dentist about ways to help keep your child calm. Here are some tips to help give you an idea about what might be best for your child. The first tip is to make sure your child isn’t on an empty stomach when they arrive for their appointment. Another tip is to make sure you are scheduling an appointment at the right time of the day. Ensuring your child does not panic while at the dentist’s office can help make sure their teeth are getting cleaned, and they come over and over again to keep their teeth healthy.

While these are just a few tips, they can make a huge impact. If you or a loved one require dental help, you have found the right place! Oral care wellness is Dynamic Dental’s number one priority. We are your local dentist in Baytown, Texas, and we want to ensure your teeth stay amazing all the time. Call us today at (281) 837-9090 . You can also visit our website at https://www.dentistbaytown.com/.

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