Never Give Your Cosmetic Dental Needs A Vacation

At Dynamic Dental Solutions of Baytown, Texas, we love taking care of our patients. From the moment you contact us to schedule your first dental appointment, you can expect warm, friendly attention in a worry-free environment.

And our concern for your oral health needs and general welfare goes on long after you leave our comfortable office.

Our Houston area team understands that in the carefree months of summer, your mouth should always be ready to smile for the camera. This is the season in which our patients tend to socialize and get out to play more often. And so it follows that more opportunities arise to show off your pearly whites.

If you feel that your smile is not camera-ready, we offer a variety of excellent dental solutions to keep you looking and feeling your best this time of year.

Classy Cosmetic Dentistry

Yes, we are dental health professionals and perhaps we are slightly biased. But even in the outside world, your smile is arguably one of the first things that people notice.

There’s no need to be self-conscious. If you have chipped or fractured a tooth or simply find yourself smiling less often because you don’t like the state of affairs in your mouth, our oral health care team can help.

Depending on your current needs and budget, we can perform a simple mouth makeover or execute a complete rehabilitation.

Some of our Dynamic Dental Solutions include:


We offer state of the art professional teeth whitening services that create and maintain whiter, brighter smiles for our patients. With this option, we insert a barrier to protect your gums and other soft tissues, then begin applying a bleaching gel to your teeth. This is an easy way to get you smiling more.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are an increasingly popular option. Veneers are very thin ceramic shells that are professionally bonded to the surface of your teeth. It is worth mentioning that at Dynamic Dental Solutions we use very high-quality porcelain. This helps us create custom veneers that appear and feel more healthy and natural than one might expect.

The takeaway for our patients is that veneers are good at hiding major imperfections such as stains and fractures. Veneers can also be relied upon to cover gaps between your teeth. They will also change the actual appearance of individual teeth for the better.

Here’s Something We Can Bond Over

All joking aside, one reasonably affordable (and consistently less invasive) alternative to veneers is esthetic bonding. Esthetic bonding is a pain-free procedure that can be completed in just one visit to our Baytown office.

In this process, tooth-colored composite material is used (rather than the aforementioned porcelain) to correct any stains, chips, or gaps between your teeth. Our dynamic team will assess your situation and will carefully match the shade of the resin to that of your teeth for a seamlessly sparkling, natural look.

Ultimate Recon Mission

At our Houston area dental practice, esthetic recontouring is one of our most popular cosmetic dental treatments.

One of the reasons for its popularity is that esthetic recontouring is an easy procedure and usually requires no anesthesia. Our team craftily employs technologically advanced tools to change the shape and size of your tooth.

This process makes the enamel smooth and can also be used on your gums for a more favorable look overall.

Be Our Guest

At Dynamic Dental Solutions, our approach is very much patient-centered. When you walk through our doors, you are always considered to be our honored guest. As such, we believe that you are entitled to the very best that modern dentistry has to offer.

Don’t delay, get a fantastic smile today at Dynamic Dental Solutions of Baytown, TX. You can contact us immediately to make an appointment or schedule a consultation.

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