New dentures are made to custom fit your ridges. Both top and bottom are created to feel comfortable and fit snugly. At first, there may be some sore spots. This is normal, and your dentist will remedy that by adjusting the dentures. After the adjustments have been made your dentures should fit well and not cause you any problems for several years.

Why Dentures May Lose Their Fit

If your dentures are less than five years old, there may be other reasons why they don’t fit. In the case of partial dentures, if you have lost any teeth since getting your denture, and haven’t seen a dentist in the interim, that missing tooth could be causing the partial to fit differently.

Your mouth changes over time. These changes can affect how dentures fit. Your dentist may suggest a reline which basically means the bed of your denture will be remade to accommodate the changes in your mouth.

The Expected Life Span of Dentures

Your dentures will not last forever, but with proper care, they should last several years. You can expect to replace them within five to ten years. Most dental insurance plans will cover new dentures after five years. If they are not fitting properly and they are over five years old, it may be time to have them replaced.

When It’s Time to Replace Your Dentures

Your ridges don’t stay the same. Over the years they shrink. You may have noticed that your jaw bone ridge is not as high as it used to be. This is because when there are no teeth to support, there is no stimulation of the bone, so it loses its density and resorbs or shrinks. If you wear a partial denture, you will notice that the areas where teeth are missing have less bone compared to the areas where you still have your natural teeth. This is evidence of the resorption of the bone.

When your ridges have changed to the degree that a reline is not advisable, it is time for new dentures. You may have options depending on the condition of your jaw bone. You can consult with your dentist about the possibility of implants. For some patients with very thin jawbones, implants may not be on option, or they may need a bone graft for the implants to be successful.

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