Dentures are an easy, noninvasive solution to a common dental problem. However, many people are reluctant to get dentures because they’ve heard some common myths about the appliance. Is false information stopping you from getting this treatment? Below, we will clear up some common misconceptions about dentures.

Everyone Will Notice My Dentures

Dentures of the past were often very noticeable. Many had gaps near the gum line or were made using a material that doesn’t look realistic. However, improved dental technology means your dentures will be expertly fitted to your mouth and provide you with stable, natural-looking teeth. The days of ill-fitting, noticeable dentures are in the past.

Dentures are Uncomfortable

Another problem that many people had in the past with dentures is that they were uncomfortable. Not only are modern dentures far more comfortable, but today’s denture users have access to a variety of new adhesives and comfort products. Your dentist will be happy to tell you what’s available.

Dentures are for the Elderly

Tooth loss can happen at any age. While you might associate dentures with senior citizens, many denture users are younger adults. Don’t let this common myth stop you from getting a comfortable, effective treatment.

Dentures in Baytown, TX

Whether you need a full denture, partial denture, or simply want more information on whether dentures are right for you, Dynamic Dental Solutions can help. Our dedicated team will evaluate your mouth and can custom-fit you with comfortable, discreet, long-lasting dentures. Schedule an appointment online or give us a call today!

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