Mamelon tooth is a common phenomenon in dentistry, and it is a common occurrence among children. But what exactly is mamelon? It refers to the ridges on teeth. In simpler terms, the rounded bumps on the edge of one’s tooth, making a wavy edge, are called mamelon teeth.

In French, mamelon translates to ‘nipple,’ similar to how each tooth has a bump-like shape at the edge. In this article, we will go over ridges on teeth and what it means.

What You Need to Know About Ridges on Teeth

You might notice grooves in your or your child’s teeth’ enamel. These ridges on teeth only appear on the incisors. Moreover, mamelons could show up on both adult or primary incisors. In total, you have eight mamelons; four at the top and four at the bottom. Around 90% of incisors break through the gums with three bumps.

Incisor teeth are visible when you talk or smile. Hence, the scalloped and wavy edges of your teeth might be visible when you smile or talk. Even though their clinical insignificance is agreed upon, many assume that ridges on teeth appear to help teeth erupt easily.

Reason Mamelon Teeth Appear

Groovy and scalloped outer surfaces might appear on teeth for various reasons. They might occur in your teeth to help them break through the gums after you reach adequate age. Usually, there are three bumps on each tooth. Ridges on your teeth are not a symptom of serious oral health issues. In fact, they might wear away over time.

Mamelons pose no threat to your dental health, but they have no benefit either.

Do Ridges on Teeth Go Away?

Mamelon teeth might go away on their own due to the usual grinding and chewing. However, certain issues could prevent the wavy edges from fading. This is possible if your teeth come in late. Misalignment issues can also prevent the mamelon teeth from wearing away. Thus, your scalloped teeth might not eliminate on their own due to the following problems:

  • Upper teeth fit inside your lower ones (crossbite)
  • Lower jaw extends beyond your upper jaw (underbite)
  • Front teeth cover bottom teeth a lot when the jaw is closed (deep bite)
  • Insufficient space for all teeth for crowding
  • Excessive room between teeth also called spacing
  • Front teeth sticking out (protrusion)
  • Teeth don’t overlap (open bite)

When your teeth don’t line properly, it can cause additional issues. Therefore, you’ll need adequate treatment, like full-mouth reconstruction, to address the misalignment. Visit a dental specialist for the solution.

Treatment for Ridges on Teeth

If you are looking to get the ridges on your teeth removed, it’s time to get an appointment with your dentist. The process is similar to cosmetic dentistry, and it is often times also called:

  • Tooth repairing
  • Tooth shaving
  • Cosmetic contouring

The treatment is fairly simple and quick. The dentist uses a file or a drill to extract enamel and file down the ridges on the teeth.

The good thing is that the procedure is pain-free, and it can even be done without administering local anesthesia. The reason being that the ridges on your teeth are made of enamel, so there are no pain receptors in them.

However, some individuals might experience increased sensitivity to hot and cold food and beverages after getting the scalloped edges of their tooth enamel removed, but it is only temporary.

Even though the treatment to remove mamelon teeth is fairly inexpensive, there are chances your insurance does not include “cosmetic treatments.” Therefore, it is advised to check with your insurance provider first.

The Final Word

If you have ridges on your or your child’s teeth, it’s not a cause for concern. However, you should visit a dentist to get it examined. Though this phenomenon doesn’t pose any threats to your oral health, it could be a cosmetic concern. An experienced dentist, like the Dynamic Dental Solutions team, can help you get rid of mamelon teeth. Talk to us at (281) 837-9090. You can also head to our dental office at 1410 Cedar Bayou Rd, Baytown, TX 77520.

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