Mouthwash comes through when you need to freshen up your breath and have no alternatives. Moreover, it can help reduce bacteria that lead to dental health issues like tooth decay and gum disease. However, you should only use mouthwash to rinse your mouth — don’t swallow it! If you end up accidentally drinking the solution, it could result in dangerous circumstances. But what happens if you swallow mouthwash?

In this blog, we’ll explain what you should do if you accidentally swallow mouthwash. Carry on reading to learn the details.

Swallowing Mouthwash Symptoms

Imagine you are swirling around the mouthwash in your mouth, making sure to eliminate bacteria on every surface — and then, you accidentally gulp it down. Swallowing a small amount of mouthwash might bring some discomfort, but swallowing a lot could be detrimental. This is because, usually, mouthwashes contain fluoride, which can result in gastric distress. Besides this, mouthwashes contain other variants of alcohol like ethanol, methanol, benzoic acid, etc.

Consuming a large amount of mouthwash might bring the following symptoms:

  • Dizziness
  • Trouble breathing
  • Drowsiness
  • Upset stomach
  • Convulsions and coma, if the case is serious

What Happens When a Child Swallows Mouthwash?

Children are prone to swallow mouthwash. It could be more damaging if a child gulps down mouthwash since their bodies are smaller. Therefore, they could easily overdose, leading to serious complications.

Since children don’t have control over the swallowing reflex, they are likely to accidentally swallow the mouthwash. Hence, it is recommended to supervise them when they are rinsing their mouth. Furthermore, children under the age of six should not even use mouthwash. Thus, if your child is aged between 6 to 12 and uses a mouthwash, don’t let them do so unsupervised. In case your child swallows mouthwash, visit emergency dental services immediately.

When an Adult Swallows Mouthwash

Pay attention during your oral care routine. Brush your teeth using the proper techniques. Moreover, floss between your teeth and gums to remove all the debris. And when it comes to mouthwash, concentrate on swirling it around your mouth and spitting it out after the recommended time. It’s possible that you are using mouthwash after eating something and get distracted by family members. Consequently, you might swallow mouthwash, and what happens after could be dangerous.

One thing you should definitely avoid is making yourself vomit. Instead, contact your dentist if you experience discomfort. Consuming a small amount will only lead to an upset stomach and a few other symptoms for a small period. Still, you can call your dental specialist for consultation. However, you’ll need to contact emergency services if you swallow a large amount of mouthwash.

Treatments for Swallowing Mouthwash

The treatment for swallowing mouthwash will depend on your case. The medical experts might run a few tests before proceeding with treatment. Your dentist might prescribe one of the following options:

  • IV fluids
  • Medications
  • Breathing Support
  • Activated Charcoal
  • Laxatives

Your Trusted Dental Services

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