Millions of Americans want perfect white teeth. However, it isn’t straightforward, and many don’t know where to start! Hundreds of companies make teeth whitening products, but the chemicals used in these products cause people to question whether they are safe to use. There are tons of natural and safe ways you can whiten your teeth without having to take the risk of using chemicals. Let us take a look at some of the ways you can naturally whiten your teeth.

What exactly causes teeth to become a yellowish color?

Before we learn different ways to whiten our teeth, let us learn about why our teeth turn yellow in the first place:

Certain foods can cause your enamel to be damaged, which is the outermost layer of your teeth. A buildup of plaque can also cause teeth to become yellow.

This discoloration can vanish by regular brushing and using remedies that can help with whitening.

1. Use baking soda when brushing

Baking soda is a popular ingredient in toothpaste, primarily because of its natural whitening properties. It can help fight away surface stains due to being a type of eroder. It can help prevent bacteria from growing by creating an alkaline kind of environment.

Even though this is not an overnight remedy, you should be able to see a difference in your teeth. Several studies have shown that toothpaste that contains baking soda has significantly done a better job at whitening than toothpaste that had an absence of baking soda.

There are a few steps when using this remedy. Stir one teaspoon of baking soda with two teaspoons of water. After mixing, apply this paste when you brush. It would be best if you aimed to do this at least a few times during the week.

Baking soda is found at almost all grocery stores and even online.

2. Stop teeth causing stains before they can occur

Even though your teeth turn yellow as you grow old, there are ways to help stop stains from developing.

The first thing is to limit foods and beverages that can cause stains. Soda, Red wine, and coffee have always been famous for creating stains on teeth.

Does that mean you should avoid them? Of course not! It just means you should drink these beverages in moderation to limit the number of times they clash with your teeth. An easy solution is to drink these drinks through a straw to avoid interaction with your teeth.

Brush your teeth as soon as you consume any of these drinks. This limits the effect they can have on your teeth.

Smoking and the use of tobacco can also cause discoloration to appear on teeth.

Control the amount of sugar you are taking in. To achieve anything, we have to make sacrifices. In the teeth whitening scenario, sugar intake has to decrease to accomplish that dream. A bacteria, known as Streptococcus mutans, can cause plaque and gingivitis. A high intake in sugar supports this bacteria’s growth, causing your teeth to decay as a result.

After eating sugary treats, ensure you brush your teeth to avoid the growth of the bacteria!

While these are just a few tips, they have shown to significantly whitened many people’s teeth. If you want perfect white teeth, you have come to the right place! Our expert dentists in Baytown, Texas, will help guide you on what you need to increase your teeth’ beauty. We are your local dentist in Baytown, Texas, and we want to serve you and your family in the best way. Call us today at (281) 837-9090 . You can also visit our website at We hope to see you soon!


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