Eating with dentures is challenging, especially in the first few weeks when you are adjusting to them. In comparison, having dental implants is better if you wish to continue your diet and can’t control your eating habits. However, after wearing dentures for some time, one gets used to it. If you want to know how to eat a hamburger with dentures or a piece of steak, it might be complicated. The task is not impossible but can cause damage if you are ready to handle it. Eating any hard or sticky food is not a good option if you are wearing dentures, and you might have to wait till they come out.

After you have dentures, you need to learn to eat with them. Undoubtedly, they play a significant part in improving your face look and smile; however, give some time for adjustment. Hence read about simple tips to help you in eating with dentures.

  • Eat slowly and try to stay quiet while chewing food. Having a soft and liquid diet is easy; however, biting tough ones like meat is problematic. Don’t exert too much pressure, as it might crack your dentures. During the initial days, have soft fruits, vegetables, soup, smoothies, or soft meals. Once you adjust, start having solid food but in tiny pieces and slowly.
  • While chewing with dentures, try to use both sides of your mouth evenly. It will keep the braces stable, else they can slip. Adjusting both sides’ pressure on the dentures is essential; make a habit and continue it over the years you have dentures.
  • Don’t have hot food, whether it’s liquids or solids. Have it at room temperature. A tiny sip before the meal will help you in checking the temperature. Eating hot food will put a strain on your jaws, and you might even burn them. So take extra care.
  • Cut the food into small pieces. Hence it will reduce the work of your teeth; try to cut it small so that you don’t need to chew it much. Even with meat, have small pieces; they are much easier to chew.
  • Don’t eat tough food. This would include red meat or even a hamburger as it is difficult to chew. See if you can manage with its tiny pieces. For proteins, you can have chicken or fish meat as it is soft. Or even eggs are a good option. Your dentures can’t bear much pressure, so don’t try to exert it.
  • Avoid sticky food as it might stick to your dentures. Removing it would be a considerable challenge, and you might require professional help. The sticky foods include candies, gums, or all other stuff that can stick on your dentures or gums. If you can’t resist, then make preparations to clean them.

So, all these will help you in continuing your diet plans with dentures. Besides the question of how to eat a hamburger with dentures, it is better not to risk it. For more information about oral health, contact Dynamic Dental Solutions. Call us at (281) 837 9090, and we would be glad to assist you.

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