Professional teeth whitening can give you a dazzling, radiant smile that reflects your confidence. The treatment is quick, safe, and usually takes a single visit, offering better results than store-bought whitening kits. But these results won’t last long if you keep up with old habits.

To ensure that your pearly whites keep shining for longer, follow these useful tips after professional teeth whitening. The first 48 hours are the most crucial, so take extra precautions during this period to maintain the aesthetic outcome of your treatment.

Avoid Tea and Coffee

A cup of tea or coffee can help kick start your day, but it may stain your teeth if consumed frequently. Coffee and tea are pigmented teeth that can result in the yellowish discoloration of teeth.

During the initial period after whitening, avoid consuming these drinks. Instead, you can opt for warm water or milk as an alternative. In the long run, limiting the consumption of these drinks is better if you wish to maintain a bright smile.

Avoid Pigmented Products

Different foods and drinks have natural pigments that give them their particular shade. They do not cause any harm; however, pigmented products may stain your teeth.

Examples of some foods and drinks include berries, red wine, dark chocolate, turmeric, soy sauce, etc. Consuming these products on a regular basis can affect the results of teeth whitening.

A better option is to choose light-colored products such as white rice, white pasta, potatoes, eggs, etc. These items can fulfill your nutritional needs without causing tooth discoloration.

Avoid Acidic and Sour Items

Acidic foods like lemons, oranges, or other citrus fruits can weaken the tooth enamel and may contribute to tooth discoloration. Similarly, sour drinks or sauces can also impact the enamel of your teeth.

Consuming them once in a while is fine, but frequent intake may dull the appearance of your teeth. Avoid these items during the initial period after whitening to limit the risk of discoloration and sensitivity.

Quit Smoking

Smoking affects your oral health in many ways, tooth discoloration being one of them. Chronic smokers have dark staining on their teeth that cannot be eliminated with regular brushing alone.

If you want to maintain a pearly white smile, you will have to consider quitting smoking. It will significantly improve your oral health and smile aesthetics.

Brush Regularly

Maintaining oral hygiene is the best way to keep your teeth whiter and brighter. Brush your teeth with a soft-bristled toothbrush twice a day to avoid plaque and tartar deposits.

If your teeth feel extra sensitive after whitening, you can ask your dentist for prescription toothpaste. Brush around all the areas of your teeth, including the chewing and inner surfaces, for optimum hygiene.

Floss Your Teeth

The areas in between your teeth are harder to clean with brushing. The best option is to use dental floss to remove plaque and food debris from these regions.

With regular brushing and flossing, you can maintain the results of professional teeth whitening for many years!


If you want to have a flawless smile with teeth whitening, visit Dynamic Dental Solutions today. Our dentists will provide procedure details and aftercare instructions to help you maintain a bright, healthy smile. Call us at (281) 837-9090 today to book an appointment.

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