Imagine walking into the dentist’s office with a mouthful of teeth in bad shape and walking out with a sparkling, perfect smile. Sounds too good to be true and yet, with same day dentures, that’s exactly what happens. Also known as immediate dentures, these oral prosthetics are very convenient for those who need dentures but are always in the public eye and don’t want to go without teeth during the healing process.

Making the Dentures

The actual dentures are fabricated before the teeth are pulled. This will take a few visits, as impressions need to be made, and the actual prosthetic is created. For some patients, preliminary surgery may be required ahead of time. Back teeth are often removed a month or two before the denture is made. This allows for healing and helps the dentures fit better.

The process includes taking impressions of the teeth and registering the bite or recording how the patient bites, so the dentures can be made to duplicate the same bite. The artificial teeth are chosen at this time. A mock-up of the dentures with back teeth is created and fitted to make sure the final denture will fit properly. After the try-in is completed and found to be accurate, an immediate denture is created.

Placement of Same Day Dentures

On the day you are to get your dentures, the appropriate teeth will be extracted and the dentures will immediately be placed in your mouth. The dentures will protect the area where the teeth have been extracted. They will also help reduce the bleeding. Your dentist will give you instructions on how to care for your mouth during the next several days. It will be important for you to leave the dentures in place as instructed.

Advantages of Same Day Dentures

As you can well imagine, there are several advantages to getting immediate dentures. One of the best advantages is you will not have to go without teeth. Missing teeth cause your lips and cheeks to collapse giving, your face a sunken look. Same-day dentures eliminate this problem. It is also easier to make your dentures look more like natural teeth when you have the teeth for comparison. This makes the transition easier also since you are going directly from your natural teeth to artificial teeth.

Other advantages are that you do not have to relearn how to speak with dentures. You will be able to establish your speech patterns early instead of switching from speaking without teeth for a while then relearning how to speak with dentures. Another important advantage is you will be able to chew better with same day dentures in place as compared to chewing with no teeth.

You can expect that some adjustments will need to be made from time to time, as your gum tissues will change as they heal from the extractions. Eventually, your same-day dentures will need to be relined or you may opt for new permanent dentures. This is a conversation you will have with your dentist.

Same-day dentures provide a convenient way to get bad teeth replaced quickly and easily, without going through the embarrassment of being without teeth. If you are considering wearing dentures, contact Dynamic Dental Solutions for a consultation appointment. We will be happy to sit down with you and discuss the pros and cons of getting immediate dentures.

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