If a sleep disorder is impacting the quality of your rest, you’re not alone. Millions of Americans are desperate to find relief for sleep issues like obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). While it’s important to manage your sleep apnea with the help of a doctor, a dentist can also help you find relief. Read on to learn why a dentist should always be a part of your care team.

A Second Opinion on Snoring

Snoring is a classic sleep disorder symptom, but other problems can cause snoring as well. Sometimes, a simple oral issue can be the cause of your snoring. A dentist will be able to evaluate your tongue, jaw, palate, and tonsils to check for blockages that cause snoring. If you have one of these issues, your dentist will be able to provide a simple solution.

A CPAP Therapy Alternative

If you are suffering from OSA, your doctor might recommend a CPAP machine. While this is a popular solution, many patients find the CPAP equipment uncomfortable and inconvenient to use. If you have mild to moderate OSA, an oral appliance can help. Oral appliances fit inside the mouth and provide comfortable effective care. Your dentist can evaluate your mouth and fit you with an oral appliance.

Quality Care in Baytown

If you are struggling with your sleep, call Dr. Sea and the Dynamic Dental Solutions team can help. Call us at 281-837-9090 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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