Teeth are strong, and you put them to the test every day. Each hot cup of coffee or crunch of an ice cube puts a little more pressure on them. Poor brushing habits may further weaken your teeth. Sometimes, they literally crack under the pressure, but that doesn’t mean your tooth is lost. You can save your tooth with a crown.

What Is a Crown?

It’s a cap made of porcelain or metal that replaces your tooth structure. It covers the top part of your tooth and makes it strong again. Crowns are commonly recommended for a variety of reasons. :

  1. Improve the shade, size, shaping or positioning of your teeth.
  2. Support teeth with large fillings.
  3. Protect teeth so damaged fillings won’t support them.
  4. Stabilize a tooth after a root canal.

What Does a Crown Do?

Think of a crown as armor. Your teeth are battle-weary and need to be fortified. The crown protects the outside of the tooth and is recommended when the root of the natural tooth is still healthy. No need to get rid of a healthy tooth due to crookedness, discoloration, a crack or a chip.

Prevent Infection

Fractures in your teeth are open invitations to bacteria, the first ingredient for an infection. That open crack allowed bacteria to infect the pulp, where the nerve and blood vessels are located, and will soon spread. Crowns prevent this from happening. Crowns seal the fractures in your teeth for an overall healthier mouth.

It’s Not All in Vain

Your smile has an impact on your confidence. Discolored and crooked teeth or chipped and split teeth make you smile less – you become self-conscious and hide your smile. Having a crown to help right a wrong can boost your oral health and your confidence at the same time.

The Right Stuff

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