Community Service

We’re bringing smiles to our community

Study Club Course – Introducing Botox to Implant Dentistry and Proper Antibiotic Usage

Course Objectives and Goals

Reasons for Implant Failure
      • Biologic reason
      • Idiopathic reason

Proper Antibiotic Usage
      • Evidence based dentistry
      • Understanding implant antibiotic usage pre vs post surgery

Botulinum Toxin Usage in Implant Dentistry
      • Mechanism of Action
      • Can dentist in TEXAS treat using Botox?
      • Application of Botox for Bruxism and implant patients

Community Involvement

At Dynamic Dental Solutions, we believe that a great smile can truly brighten the entire community. And our Dental Services are designed to put a big, happy, healthy one on every face in the neighborhood.

Dr. Sea is proud to have been practicing in Houston for over 7 years, and as a committed member of the community, he’s always ready to do his part to make his home a better place for local families. Occasionaly, Dr. Sea and our compassionate team also sponsor local events and volunteer our time and skills for those in need.

With it’s continued support commitment to help bring joy to our community Dynamic Dental Solutions has donated $1000 to help Today’s Harbor For Children- A residential community for our youth.

Texas Mission of Mercy Community Service

Dr. Sea and Angela went to the fifth ward and gave free dental work with 60 other Houston dentists and 300 volunteers. It was an honor to be part of the giving back movement and it was awesome to help the community.

Dr. Sea training Kenyan dentists for implants at Kijabe Hospital, Kenya

Blood drive at the Dynamic Dental parking lot

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