Dental Emergency Care at Baytown, Tx

Dental Emergency Care at Baytown, Tx

Who knows when an emergency would strike affecting your bones, skin, or your teeth. It is easy to judge other emergencies, but a dental emergency might be tricky to judge. Knowing which dental issues need emergency care can save you from visiting a dentist unnecessarily, saving your time and money.

Most of the dental injuries relate to cracked and broken teeth. These cracks may occur due to biting a hard food item, falling, sports injury, or any other reason. If the fracture is minor, it can wait; however, in case of severe crack, visit Dynamic Dental Solutions for immediate attention.

Emergency Care at Baytown, Tx

What requires emergency care?

If your tooth breaks or has completely dislodged from the socket, an emergency dental care is necessary to save it. Quick action will be essential in the following situations:

  1. The missing piece is large,
  2. The tooth is knocked out completely
  3. Infection
  4. Pain that radiates to the jaw
  5. Toothache accompanying fever
  6. Dental abscess
  7. Sore gums with severe pain

In case of a broken tooth, the sooner you visit our dentist at Baytown, Tx, the better he/she will be able to join the broken piece. Remember to keep the broken pieces with due care after rinsing them in warm water. The person should also keep the broken piece in milk so that the piece stays safe and clean. In case of severe pain, some over the counter medicines can be taken to reduce the intensity. A cold compress can also help to reduce the bleeding.

Our emergency dentist joins not only a broken tooth but also a completely knocked out tooth. If the tooth knocks out, pick it up from the crown, and if there is any dirt, wash it and put it back in the socket. Bite on gauze to push it back in place. If it is difficult to put the tooth back in the socket, store it in milk. The dentist, during the process, will clean the socket and place the tooth back. Our dentists use a special wire for holding the tooth in place. Over a few weeks, the bone will grow and make the tooth stable.

What is not a dental emergency?

There can be certain situations that may look like an urgent concern for which a dental emergency might be needed, but the situations may not call for an urgent visit to a dentist. The following are some of those:

  • Lost filling or crown if not causing severe pain
  • Chipped teeth when a nerve is not exposed
  • A minor toothache
  • Broken retainers or braces

If you are not sure whether you need emergency dental care, call us on (281) 837-9090, and our dentists will guide you.

What is not a dental emergency?

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At the appointment, the main aim of our dentist is to reduce the pain. Our dentists take care of the most urgent needs during emergency care and prefer to wait for the others for a regular appointment.

So if you are searching for dentistry near you that takes care of all your dental emergencies, then visit our office in Cedar Bayou Road, Baytown, Tx.

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