Dynamically Addressing Tooth Loss In Adults

At Dynamic Dental Solutions of Baytown, Texas we do our best to offer creative and (as our name implies) dynamic solutions for all of your oral health needs.

It is our hope that, over the course of your lifetime, the majority of your dental needs will be routine and preventative in nature.

But, if you are like most people, you will occasionally have other needs that arise as the result of some sort of unanticipated dental crisis. When that happens, we will be here to offer guidance and a comprehensive treatment plan.

We can tell you from experience that every year adults in our area (and, honestly, throughout the United States) are confronted with what can be an embarrassing oral health situation, tooth loss.

Unlike when a child loses a tooth, this all too common scenario among grown-ups is never a cause for celebration (let alone a cash reward under your pillow).

What Causes Adult Tooth Loss?

While this isn’t exactly a “Top 5” list for tooth loss, our Dynamic Dental Solutions team has noticed a few recurring factors (in no particular order) that are within everyone’s power to change.

Bad Diet

We realize that what constitutes good eating habits is, to a certain extent, subjective. Yet, when it comes to tooth loss there are some important things to consider.

The mineral density of your teeth is related to calcium intake. Without the proper amount of calcium in your diet, you will put yourself at a greatly increased risk of tooth loss as an adult.

But there is more to it than that.

Diets high in carbohydrates, processed sugars, and acids will, in time, damage your gums and your teeth and this can influence tooth retention rates.

Moreover, if you are not absorbing the right blend of nutrients, you will be more prone to a bacterial infection which can cause cavities and decay that could culminate in loss of teeth.

Poor Oral Hygiene

This one should be obvious, but many people do get lazy from time to time about their oral hygiene practices.

Ignoring good hygiene practices can allow bacteria to accumulate in a way that will ultimately cause decay in your teeth.

The bacteria in your mouth, when left to its own devices, can also cause periodontal disease which can lead to loss of teeth.


Habitual grinding of your teeth (what we refer to as Bruxism) can wear down your teeth and contribute to bone loss. This is bad news because once your teeth lose their supporting bone, they become rather susceptible to falling out.


Seriously! No one likes to hear this, but playing (contact) sports routinely involves the sort of trauma that can knock out a tooth instantaneously or cause a fracture in a tooth’s root which may develop an infection and subsequently cause loss of that tooth at a much later date.

Irregular Check-ups

We really aren’t just saying this because we are dental professionals depending on your patronage.

If you are a regular visitor to Dynamic Dental Solutions, we might actually be able to detect and save a tooth that shows signs of dislodging itself.

Beyond that, we can move more quickly to treating any decaying teeth that require fillings.

Not coming in on a regular basis can definitely lead to unnecessary loss of teeth.

What Should You Do If You Lose A Tooth?

As we alluded to earlier, there won’t be anyone around to celebrate your tooth loss as an adult.

Unfortunately, when this happens, you are faced with the decision of which dental restoration is best for you and your budget.

While there are several options that can help get you out of this predicament and back on the road to good oral health, we have found that dental implants are by far your best bet in most cases.

What Do Dental Implants Entail?

We should tell you straight away that dental implants are one of the more expensive treatments for tooth loss in adults.

However, implants do look and feel extremely natural. They are also the only truly permanent restoration on the market, designed to last the rest of your lifespan.

The implant itself is comprised of a titanium post that is inserted directly into your jawbone. Once there, it fuses with your bone the way your natural tooth root would.

The post provides us with a solid foundation for a crown restoration that replaces the crown of your tooth.

How Can I Learn More?

If you still have questions about adult tooth loss, implants, or other restorations, we would love for you to contact us today to set up a consultation or exam at our Baytown office.

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