Everyone has a different idea of what a denture is and you might not be too thrilled at the prospect of signing up for them. If a denture or dentures have been suggested by your dentist for either health or cosmetic reasons – either a partial denture, complete dentures, or those that are implant-supported – we need to clear the air, let you know what a denture is (and isn’t) and what it can do for your smile. You might just change your mind once you have all the information.

A Partial Denture

This type of denture is made from a base of acrylic that is matched to the color of your gums. The replacement teeth are made of either acrylic or ceramic. A partial denture is made to fill in gaps between teeth and is anchored by existing teeth. If your existing teeth are not strong enough to hold a partial, you can have crowns added to those existing teeth to hold the partial in place.

Complete Dentures

These types of dentures replace all teeth. You can have them replace all teeth on either the top or bottom or both. They are made from the same materials as a partial denture. You can have complete dentures fitted immediately after the remaining natural teeth are extracted, or once your gums have healed, which is more traditional. If you have them fitted immediately, you will have to have them adjusted, or even replaced, once the gums heal and shrink. If you wait until after the gums heal, you will only have to adjust for fit as needed. However, if you are fitted immediately, you will have your dentures right away.

Implant-Supported Dentures

A denture of this type, whether a partial denture or a complete set of dentures, is much more stable and secure than either of the other two listed above. These are not secured by other existing teeth, like partials, and do not need adhesive to secure, like complete dentures. Implant-supported dentures offer maximum stability and comfort.

No matter what type of denture you need, the dentists at Dynamic Dental Solutions can make sure you have the right solutions to fit your needs and give you the smile you want. Call us today to set up a consultation to discuss the options that are right for you and your budget.

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