Many of us are familiar with the natural goodness of coconut and its benefits. Nowadays, we often hear about the use of charcoal in cleaning our teeth. So, have you heard about coconut oil and activated charcoal teeth whitening? Yes, these are the natural formula to clean, whiten, and remove toxins from your gums. Furthermore, both are safe to use and won’t cause any harm even if swallowed accidentally. It’s free of chemicals and will not result in any discomfort. They will balance the oral PH and eliminate bad breath, cavities, and gum diseases.

Coconut oil and activated charcoal teeth whitening
These ingredients have different qualities; coconut oil improves oral health but doesn’t whiten the teeth. Neither charcoal whitens the teeth. However, it is useful in cleaning them properly, which results in a white look.

Activated charcoal for teeth
Activated charcoal is made from the carbon in the absence of oxygen. Its way of preparation makes it porous, which means having tiny holes on its surface. Hence, this increases its absorbency and makes it ideal for oral use and medicinal purposes. The charcoal acts like a magnet attracting and taking in the impurities present. This is what happens when used for teeth whitening; charcoal attracts toxins and soaks them in. The bacteria and all the impurities are sucked in the charcoal, leaving behind spotless teeth. People usually brush activated charcoal on their teeth to get the desired results. Though, it is effective its greater use can also damage the enamel, so be careful.

Coconut oil in teeth whitening
Coconut oil is a natural remedy to whiten your teeth; however, no such scientific evidence exists. Like charcoal, the oil has acid that kills bacteria in the mouth. The bad breath, decay, and oral diseases result from these bacteria. Hence killing them, cleanses the teeth and gums. Moreover, it might not directly whiten the teeth only stop the spread of oral decay and fading of teeth. The result of which is the white color of teeth after its use in the whitening solution. Its properties make it ideal for use in mouth and face washes

The best way to use the combination of coconut oil and charcoal for teeth whitening is the following;

  • Brush your teeth with activated charcoal first for some time,
  • And then, rinse your teeth and gums with coconut oil.
  • Finally, wash your mouth with warm water after some time

The result will be white sparkling teeth but in a natural way. However, if you are looking for excellence, there is no alternative to professional teeth whitening.

Professional teeth whitening

Professional teeth whitening have no substitute. It is a safe procedure done by expert professionals using the best products for your teeth. The process results in whitening your teeth up to many shades lighter in just one sitting. Using coconut oil and activated charcoal teeth whitening won’t give similar results or the same level of professional care and cleaning. Take your oral health seriously; it is tough to treat spoiled teeth and regain them. For more information on teeth whitening, call Dynamic Dental Solutions at (281) 837 9090. Don’t delay and set up your consultation today.

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