Many of us have had root canals. It is a standard dental procedure; however, what if a crown is present, can we have a root canal through it? What will happen to the crown? People often face a similar situation; however, the dentist is there to help you. The root canal removes the bacteria and prevents infections in the teeth. It saves the natural teeth that are filled and sealed.

When do I need a crown?

There are several dental treatments which require a crown; few are,

  • When the tooth is weak and can break or crack easily due to decays
  • Save the damaged tooth from spoiling more.
  • When the tooth is not in good shape and color
  • To hold dental bridges and cover dental implants.

Root canal through a crown

Thus the chances of people wearing a crown are vast. But root canal through it is possible. A dentist usually opts for two ways in the case, whichever is applicable. In the first one, the removal of the crown happens before the root canal. The dentist sees that there is no damage in the teeth structure. However, in the latter case, the dentist drills through, which can weaken the crown.

Need for crown replacement after the root canal

Root canal through the crown requires putting pressure on the existing one; therefore, the infection can occur. Furthermore, the shape of the tooth changes after the root canal, so there is a need for a new crown. It saves the teeth and prevents decay. In case the crown is not exchanged, there is a chance of tooth decay below it. The tooth decay will eventually affect the crown and damage it. Because of it, there is a need for a new one after the treatment.

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