Dental home care is an important part of your oral health. But are you caring for your teeth correctly? While brushing and flossing might seem simple, proper care can be difficult. Below, we will explain the right way to care for your teeth.

Brushing Your Teeth the Right Way

Brushing your teeth is the most obvious way to practice good dental home care. However, most people do not brush their teeth for long enough. The ADA recommends brushing for two minutes. Setting a timer will help you meet this goal. When brushing, also be sure to clean all areas of the teeth, including the back molars and inside tooth surfaces. Be sure to clean your tongue as well.

Dental Floss, Mouthwash, and Other Tools

Flossing is an important part of oral care, but a step that many people forget. Flossing cleans tooth surfaces that your toothbrush cannot reach. It also removes stubborn plaque and bacteria from food. Flossing at least once per day is recommended. Mouthwashes and other tools (such as water flossers) might also be helpful. Your dentist can recommend products specifically for your needs.

Selecting a Quality Toothpaste

Before you brush your teeth, you need to select good toothpaste. There are many brands and styles of toothpaste on the market. However, not all toothpaste cleans effectively. Look for the square ADA seal on your toothpaste package to make sure the product is dentist-approved. You should also ask your dentist if they recommend a specialized toothpaste. Specialized toothpaste can provide extra cavity protection or protect against gingivitis or other diseases.

Visit Your Dentist Often

While this is not a part of home care, it is an important part of oral health! Your dentist will be able to confirm that you are cleaning your teeth correctly. They will also be able to spot problems and recommend treatments. The ADA recommends people visit their dentist every six months. Call Dynamic Dental Solutions at 281-837-9090 to schedule your appointment today.

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