Been paying attention to the news lately? If you like coffee, you’re in for a bit of a treat. According to a panel of experts formed by the FDA and the Department of Agriculture, Americans aren’t drinking the right amount of coffee.

At this point, if we asked you “what comes next?”, most would say that we Americans drink too much coffee. How many coffee shops do Baytown, TX need anyway? Hold on to your hats! The panel of experts, who range from food science to medicine, all agree that Americans are not drinking enough coffee.

Coffee, as it turns out, has a lot of benefits besides putting the whoopie in your cushion every morning, and you should be drinking about 5 cups of coffee a day, according to the panel. That’s a lot of coffee, especially when you consider that the average American drinks a little less than two a day.

Coffee is Great, But…

Everybody loves coffee, but they don’t love the dark, stubborn stains that come with it. Sure, you might not be drinking 5 cups of coffee a day, but even if you’re consuming less than the average American (which still seems like a lot, doesn’t it? ), you’re going to get stains. These stains won’t come off easily with brushing.

Coffee, like a lot of other foods that are rich with color, are very beneficial, and some (like beets and blueberries) even qualify as superfoods because they have other health benefits beyond nutrition. If these are part of your diet, you’re doing a great job, but shouldn’t your teeth look as good as you feel?

What Causes Tooth Staining?

Those rich colors are caused by pigment molecules. Although the surface of your teeth appears smooth, it is actually covered with tiny pits; your teeth are more like a golf ball than a dinner plate. Pigments (some more than others) get stuck in these pits; to the naked eye, it creates dark, unattractive stains.

What Can My Dentist Do?

Your dentist will be able to provide you a teeth whitening treatment, which is far superior to any store-bought or a do-it-yourself kit. While those kits are very tempting (they claim to offer the same results as a dentist-supervised or in-office treatment for a song), but the fact of the matter is cheap is as cheap does. This isn’t always true, but if something doesn’t cost much, chances are you aren’t getting much for your money.

Compared to store-bought and DIY kits, the treatment your dentist can provide:

  • Will use whitening agents (gels) which are much more powerful, because they have more hydrogen peroxide, the active ingredient in whitening gels that destroys pigment molecules that cause stains.
  • A custom experience, in the form of custom-designed whitening trays that fit your teeth specifically and exactly. Unlike store-bought whitening trays, these fit much better. This ensures superior coverage of your teeth by the whitening agent and also protects your sensitive gums from the whitening agent, which can cause discomfort for many patients.
  • A faster treatment that takes your health, and the goals you have for your smile, into account. You can’t buy a dentist’s expertise at the store!

It’s really a simple choice: you can either a) live with ugly stains that ruin your smile and make it look like you don’t know how to brush properly, b) waste your money on a DIY teeth whitening kit that doesn’t do what it promises, or c) get the best smile, and the best value, from your dentist and his staff.

You don’t have to ask us twice!

How Can I Prevent Future Staining?

Whether you want to protect your recently whitened teeth from stains, or if you’d just like to take steps to reduce the amount of staining on your teeth in general, here are some tips:

Develop Good Habits!

Brush, floss, and rinse with mouthwash at least twice a day; if you can make it work, you should try to brush after every meal! After meals, tiny particles of food remain in your mouth, which contains a lot of glucose (sugar). That’s rocket fuel for bacteria, who eat the sugar and excrete the powerful acids that cause tooth decay, gum disease, and yes, unattractive staining on your teeth. Also make and keep twice-yearly appointments with your dentist, for cleanings and exams to make sure you’re in good oral health.

When Enjoying Food and Drink:

Pay attention to the color of your food and drink. If it seems like it would ruin a white dress shirt, it probably will cause serious staining. Don’t avoid these foods and drinks, because many of them are very nutritious and beneficial (like blueberries), but exercise caution!

Swallow Your Food Quickly – Taking care that you don’t choke, swallowing your food quickly (after you have chewed your food sufficiently) will reduce the contact time the staining food will have with your teeth.

Use a Straw – Straws will allow you to enjoy your favorite beverages without worrying about your smile because they send the drink past your teeth entirely! Get a crazy straw!

Interested in Teeth Whitening?

Then give us a call! Your dentist and caring staff will give you a whitening treatment that will give you back your bright, vibrant, youthful smile. We have a wide range of other cosmetic procedures that will make you look and feel better than ever before!

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