There’s a very special day coming up of which not everyone is aware. Wednesday, August 22nd is National Tooth Fairy Day. Many Baytown families have had an encounter with the tooth fairy, but not every family knows there is a day on which the Tooth Fairy is officially recognized. For those who do, there are celebrations which include a variety of fun things to do.

Why a National Tooth Fairy Day?

Why not? Information on how the actual tooth fairy day began does not seem to be available; however, the origins of the tooth fairy go back at least to medieval times. There are two dates listed for National Tooth Fairy Day: February 28 and August 22. Which is the correct date? No one knows for sure. Some people celebrate both days, while others don’t even know there’s a day to celebrate the tooth fairy.

How Baytown Families Celebrate National Tooth Fairy Day

So far this is not an extremely popular day like Easter with Easter Bunny or Christmas with Santa Claus. But, as the recognition gains momentum in places like Baytown, there are activities that take place. Families have their own celebrations and sometimes friends will join in the festivities.

Perhaps one of the main focal points of National Tooth Fairy Day is good oral health for kids. The American Dental Association has a list of activities on their website at including printouts that kids can color, posters they can put up and suggestions on how to make the day special. Baytown families can celebrate this day in style. You may want to go out and get the kids new toothbrushes as part of the celebration!

Tooth Fairy History

It’s interesting to note the tooth fairy has been around for hundreds of years in a variety of cultures. How the baby teeth are handled after falling out or being pulled varies from culture to culture. In Spain, Russia, and many Asian countries a mouse would come to get the baby tooth.

The Vikings saw baby teeth as good luck charms and would wear them into battle. In Iceland, children were taught to burn their baby teeth to ward off hardship in adult life. Here in Baytown, we celebrate the tooth fairy as a special being that comes in the cover of night and takes the baby tooth and leaves money in exchange.

However, you choose to celebrate National Tooth Fairy Day, remember to make an appointment for your regular dental checkup. Contact Dynamic Dental Solutions for your next appointment.

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