A cavity is what bacteria on your tooth leads to. None of your teeth are cavity-proof, even your front teeth. Despite being the most easy-to-clean teeth, they are still susceptible to enamel erosion. And so, you might notice a white then brown or yellow spot on your tooth, which slowly leads to tooth decay and cavity. A cavity on the front tooth also dulls your smile as it is pretty visible. But do not worry; your dentist can treat it.

The Types of Cavity on Front Tooth

Children and adults alike can develop a cavity on the front tooth. The front teeth cavity can develop in three ways:

  • Front: The hole might appear on the front side of your teeth.
  • Back: Although it is rare for cavities to form here, they can also appear on the backside of your front teeth.
  • Side: Cavity can appear on the side of your front tooth. If you detect it early, a fluoride gel may come in handy to recalcify the cavity.

Cavity first starts developing as white spots. So if you notice it in the early stage, it will be easier to get rid of it.

Why Does Cavity Appear on Front Tooth?

Cavity anywhere forms for the same reasons. We have listed the primary reasons this happens in both adults and children.

In Children
Front tooth cavity is common among children.

  • In children, prolonged bottle use leads to baby bottle tooth decay and causes cavities on incisors.
  • Another reason the front tooth cavity develops in children is because of sugary or sweetened drinks.
  • Sharing utensils or pacifiers.

In Adults
Adults can also end up with cavities on their front teeth due to:

  • Poor oral hygiene, like not brushing or flossing your teeth properly.
  • Consuming sugary or acidic drinks and food.
  • Acid Reflux.
  • Crooked teeth, as the tight spaces make it hard to brush all surfaces of the teeth.
  • Insufficient supply of fluoride.
  • Dry mouth can reduce salivary flow, and lead to tooth decay.

Can you fix a cavity in your front tooth?

Yes, you can treat cavities on the front tooth.

  • Filling: Your dentist will clear out your tooth by removing the decayed area and sealing the tooth with a dental filling that matches your teeth.
  • Veneer: Since the location of the teeth matters, a veneer is used to fix the appearance of your teeth. A veneer is a thin, tooth-colored material placed on the surface of your tooth. It helps in improving the look of your teeth.
  • Crown: If your tooth decay is widespread, you will need a dental crown. It is a shell that matches the shape and color of your teeth. Moreover, dental crowns help protect your teeth and are natural-looking, giving you a pearly smile.

Your dentist will suggest the most suitable option for your or your child’s teeth. Some people even go for laser dentistry. You will need a root canal if your teeth are severely damaged.


Yes, even our front teeth get victimized by tooth decay. But just like any other tooth, they can be treated and you can smile confidently again. Just contact Dynamic Dental Solutions at 281 837 9090.

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