How a Crown Can Save Your Tooth

Teeth are strong, and you put them to the test every day. Each hot cup of coffee or crunch of an ice cube puts a little more pressure on them. Poor brushing habits may further weaken your teeth. Sometimes, they literally crack under the pressure, but that doesn’t mean...

Caring for a Temporary Crown

When your dentist fits a temporary crown, there are certain steps you should take to care for it until the permanent crown is fitted. The last thing you want is the crown falling out or suffering damage before your next appointment. Oral Hygiene Although you should...

Is There A Difference Between a Crown and a Cap?

Choosing the Right Treatment for You Dynamic Dental Solutions understands the impact an attractive smile can have on our patients. A great smile does more than just enhance your appearance, it maintains general overall dental hygiene. Your natural teeth are designed...

How Long Do Crowns Generally Last?

Modern technology has made great strides in dental treatment options. From durable materials used for repairs to modern equipment, visiting the dentist has never been more pleasant. If you need a dental crown, chances are one of your concerns is how long it will last....

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