When your dentist fits a temporary crown, there are certain steps you should take to care for it until the permanent crown is fitted. The last thing you want is the crown falling out or suffering damage before your next appointment.

Oral Hygiene

Although you should take great care not to dislodge your temporary crown, proper oral hygiene is still important. Brush and floss as normal to keep the crown clean and your gums healthy. If you are experiencing any discomfort, it helps to rinse your mouth with warm saltwater.

Remember to pay attention to food debris becoming lodged between your temporary crown, gums, and teeth. Avoiding a repeat visit to the dentist for infected gums is essential, as it may delay the fitting of your permanent crown. Take care when flossing; you do not want to risk dislodging your temporary crown.

Eating and Drinking

Avoid any foods that are difficult to chew or, at the very least, switch to chewing on the side of your mouth, farthest away from the crown. Foods such as ribs on the bone are also a bad idea, as there is a serious risk of damaging or dislodging the temporary crown before your next appointment.

You shouldn’t have any problem drinking as normal, other than possible sensitivity to certain beverages. If this is the case for you, cutting out the offending beverage is recommended to prevent your gums from becoming inflamed. Your temporary crown may not afford you the same level of protection as the permanent fitting, so discomfort should be temporary.

Dislodged Temporary Crown

Your dentist fits a crown for good reason, so if the appliance shifts out of position or becomes completely dislodged, it is important to contact Dynamic Dental Solutions right away. Do not take well-intended advice from family or friends when you experience a loose crown.

Attempting to reattach the crown at home using adhesive could damage the nerve and gums, and your dentist may not be able to remove the temporary fitting. Only trust your oral health to a qualified dental professional who has the tools needed to carry out dentistry procedures.

Pain and Discomfort

It is perfectly normal to experience some pain and discomfort after your crown has been fitted at the dentist. This is especially true when it comes to cold or heat sensitivity. General pain medications should provide more than enough relief. However, if your pain persists, call our Dynamic Dental Solutions offices to discuss pain management.

Call Dynamic Dental Solutions today, if you are experiencing any issues with your temporary crown.

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