If you have a dental crown, it blends seamlessly with your natural teeth, and no one can tell you have restoration at first glance. But what if you need to undergo a teeth whitening procedure? Since a dental crown is not composed of the same material as your natural teeth, whitening may not have the same effect on them. So, can you whiten a crown?

A Little Background on Dental Crowns

Usually, a crown is made of porcelain or composite material and used to cover severely weakened, damaged, or aesthetically unpleasant teeth. The dentist decides if you need a crown, taking impressions and creating a dental cap tailored according to your teeth.

The dentist must be careful about the color and shape of the crown, making sure it matches the natural appearance of your actual teeth. Sometimes, the teeth may become yellow and or become stained, which could result in the dental crown looking visibly whiter. The dental crown will probably remain the same color as long as you have it.

Is It Possible To Whiten a Crown?

There are multiple ways to whiten your teeth, but none of these procedures will whiten your crown, according to ADA. A dental crown tends to stay the same color it was when the dentist placed it on the affected tooth, and it is only the natural teeth that become discolored. You can whiten your teeth to match them with your crown, and enjoy a bright smile!

Another thing you can do is opt for teeth whitening before the dental crown is prepared, so you can have a restoration that will resemble your natural teeth even if you get professional whitening again.

Ways to Whiten Teeth

Teeth whitening may not brighten your dental crown, but it surely leaves you with a pearly white smile. Here are some popular methods of teeth whitening:

  • Polished & Pastes: One common method of teeth whitening is using toothpaste that has whitening ingredients. These whitening products do not essentially change the color of your dental enamel but scrub away the minor stains on your teeth. The abrasive might work to make your crown appear much cleaner and whiter!
  • Over-the-Counter Whitening Products: You can purchase whitening products over the counter, such as whitening strips, trays, etc. They contain a whitening agent that bleaches the enamel layer of your teeth, and the best part? You can use them in the privacy of your home. You can also consult a dentist for at-home whitening kits customized to your teeth. Using them regularly helps lighten the shade of your teeth and give you a significantly brighter smile!
  • In-Office Treatment: There may be many ways to whiten your teeth, but nothing comes close to the in-office whitening procedure! The dentist will use a strong bleaching agent that you cannot find in stores and monitor the shade of the teeth until desired shade is achieved.

What’s Next?

Dental crowns cannot be whitened with whitening, but that is not an issue since they already have a bright shade. Your natural teeth may become stained, but a dental crown will remain the same shade as long as you have it!

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