A chipped tooth, whether small or large, is embarrassing. However, a small chip is merely cosmetic and smoothes out with time. A large chip can surpass your enamel or dentin and even expose the pulpy part of your tooth.

Therefore, to nip the evil in the bud, don’t ignore a slightly chipped tooth. Get it examined by your dentist ASAP. You cannot diagnose the extent of the injury with the naked eye.

Can a Slightly Chipped Tooth Repair Itself?

A small cut or trauma to your tooth can be remineralized. You can add the essential minerals to your diet; most of them are present in your saliva naturally. You can give your saliva time to repair it, and it will be smoothed with time. However, chipping a large portion of the tooth means visiting the dentist.

How to Check the Severity of a Chipped Tooth?

If you call your dentist to ask if your chipped tooth requires an emergency visit. They will inquire about its appearance and even ask you to share a snapshot. Following is how you can judge the severity of your cracked or chipped tooth just by looking at it:

  • A tooth that Appears White
    Sometimes, a tooth chipping is not a big deal. If the chip only affects the outer layer, called enamel, and the tooth still looks all white, it’s usually not urgent. You can wait until the dentist’s office is open unless you’re hurting a lot.
  • A Two-toned Tooth
    If the chipped part of your tooth is two-colored, like white and a darker shade, it’s a bit more serious. This means both the outer enamel and the inner part, called dentin, are damaged. You might feel sensitive when you eat or drink cold things. It’s not usually an emergency, but you should see your dentist soon.
  • A Tooth with a Visible Crack Reaching the Bottom
    In rare cases, a chipped tooth can be serious. If you see a big crack that goes all the way down and your tooth feels loose or makes a crackling sound, it’s serious. This is an emergency, so call your dentist right away to get it fixed.

Treatment Options for a Slightly Chipped Tooth

A small chip can usually be left untreated, but if you feel uneasy about how it affects the appearance of your teeth, your dentist can repair it with dental bonding. Dental bonding is a tooth-colored material bonded to your tooth to restore its shape and smoothness.

Your dentist can also use porcelain veneers, as dental bonding is less durable compared to dental veneers. They provide coverage for your whole tooth, while dental bonding only covers the chipped part. In case of severe chips or cracks, treatments will be severe, too.

Bottom Line

Your dentist is your best bet for confirming whether your chipped tooth is an emergency. Although a slightly chipped tooth does not require extensive treatment, an examination is a must.

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