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Is First Aid Enough To Deal With A Tongue Cut?

Jul 30, 2022690 Views

A tongue is pure muscle and may bleed on sudden impact due to a cut on it. The main reason is that your tongue houses thousands of vessels from which streaks of blood come out. Tongue laceration is a fairly common phenomenon and mostly not something to fret about. In this blog, we are here […]

Can Tartar Break Off Teeth? What Should I Do If It Does?

Jul 15, 20223947 Views

Don’t start panicking if your tooth starts chipping off while brushing or eating; it might be tartar. Your tooth enamel is pretty h3 and cannot just chip away during everyday activities. However, tartar breaking off of your teeth is possible. But why does this happen? Keep reading to get an insight. What is Tartar? Your […]

Cavity vs Stain – What Is That Black Spot On Your Teeth?

Jun 30, 2022544 Views

Brushing, flossing, and general regular cleanings are what you think is necessary for a perfect set of healthy teeth, which is true. But one more thing is the fact you can’t deny is that even after performing every step religiously, there is still room for error. You may develop issues like discolorations, cavities, etc. In […]

Are Teething and Vomiting in Babies Linked?

Jun 15, 2022766 Views

Teething is a natural growth process which every baby goes through. It is not a good or comfortable experience, especially if it happens with occasional throwing up sessions. It is a cause of concern for parents. Some babies do not have any symptoms at all, and others have a different set. But can teething cause […]

Can We Get Braces Off In A Year, How Long Do They Take?

May 30, 2022614 Views

It is one of the most asked questions at the time of consultation, how long do braces take to work? This is usually a concern for adults or teenagers who are in this position of getting one. The wearing time span concerns them a lot since it hampers aesthetics. On the whole, an average amount […]

Why Is Floss Important Before or After Brushing?

May 15, 2022471 Views

A good dental hygiene regime is no rocket science and is known by all since the maximum emphasis is always on brushing and floss, but what comes before and after? Well, we have detailed a few pointers for your ease. But why is floss necessary anyway? Floss, just like brushing, effectively decreases bacterial buildup, which […]

Cavity On Front Tooth? Here is All You Need to Know!

Apr 30, 20221083 Views

A cavity is what bacteria on your tooth leads to. None of your teeth are cavity-proof, even your front teeth. Despite being the most easy-to-clean teeth, they are still susceptible to enamel erosion. And so, you might notice a white then brown or yellow spot on your tooth, which slowly leads to tooth decay and […]

How To Get Rid Of Transient Lingual Papillitis?

Apr 15, 2022582 Views

Transient lingual papillitis is the scientific term for lie bumps on the tongue. These are small red or white color bumps that grow on the outer surface of the tongue. These bumps recur quite frequently. But, the good news is that this condition easily resolves on its own without any sort of medical support. If […]

I Have Cracks In My Tongue – Should I Be Worried?

Mar 30, 20222940 Views

Stick out your tongue, do you see cracks in them? If yes, then you are amongst those 5% of the people living in the US with fissured tongue. Cracks in the tongue, painful or not aren’t categorized in the danger zone since it is not contagious and has no lingering symptoms. A fissured or cracked […]

Time To Clean Invisalign

Mar 15, 20221357 Views

Invisalign is one of the orthodontic treatments that work for straightening teeth without traditional metal braces. They make the smile look aesthetically pleasing without giving a noticeable characteristic look. If you are confused about getting them just because their maintenance seems intimidating? Read along this blog to get rid of your fears. We have detailed […]


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