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Emergency Toothache Relief | How To Soothe A Bad Toothache Fast

Nov 30, 2021885 Views

A sudden toothache can be very painful. It can prevent you from talking, chewing, eating or drinking, and can even keep you up at night. If you’re reading this article, your toothache is probably bad enough that you’re looking for emergency toothache relief. We’ve put together a list of some measures you can take to […]

Painful Bump On Tongue? Here’s What You Should Do.

Nov 15, 20216966 Views

Many problems can affect your tongue, and having a painful bump on the tongue can be terrible. It can prevent you from enjoying your favorite foods, not to mention keep you uncomfortable throughout the day. So what should you do to treat it? In this article from your family dentist in Baytown, TX, we’ll explore […]

Why Is My Tongue Orange? Answered By Your Family Dentist in Baytown

Oct 30, 20212261 Views

As a child, you’ve probably had a refreshing orange popsicle on a warm, sunny day only to notice that your tongue is bright orange, even hours later. And while it’s all fun and games, you might be worried to notice an orange tongue in the mirror, especially if you’ve never seen it before. So if […]

What Is An Indirect Pulp Cap, And How Does It Save A Healthy Tooth?

Oct 15, 20211530 Views

Dental cavities are responsible for causing many dental problems across millions of people in the United States. When a cavity is not treated in time, it may develop to the point of reaching the sensitive pulp inside a tooth. Then, bacteria can irreversibly damage the pulp, even causing the tooth to die. However, through the […]

Hard Bony Lump On Gum | The Strange Existence of Dental Tori

Sep 30, 20216428 Views

Everyone’s familiar with the geography of the inside of their mouths. But sometimes, you might wake up one day and brush your tongue against something unfamiliar: a hard, bony lump on your gum. What is it, and is it going to cause any harm? In this post, we’ll explain what these hard lumps are, how […]

Gum Swollen Around One Tooth | What It Means and How To Fix It

Sep 15, 20213679 Views

On a regular day while you’re brushing your teeth you might happen to notice that you have one tooth with the gum swollen around it. This might be surprising, especially if you haven’t noticed anything abnormal about your teeth before, but it’s actually not completely unusual. In this post, we’ll talk about some of the […]

Can Sleep Apnea Kill You? A (Not So) Silent But Deadly Condition

Aug 30, 20211122 Views

You may have awoken to the noise of your partner, neighbor, or even your dog snoring. It can be a nuisance, at the least. Sometimes, snoring can lead to significant issues with partners not being able to get enough sleep. But surprisingly, the person snoring is often the victim of a serious condition called sleep […]

Seeing Black Spots on Tongue? | What It Means, Treatment and More

Aug 15, 20211659 Views

If you’ve suddenly spotted some black spots on your tongue, it might be concerning. This is especially true if you maintain an excellent oral hygiene routine. And while your tongue looking a certain way can be temporary, black spots on the tongue can suggest something is wrong. However, it all depends on several factors. This […]

What does a cavity look like | Causes & Treatments

Jul 30, 20211428 Views

Are you wondering, “what does a cavity look like?” You never want to hear your dentist say that you have a cavity. This is because cavities are bad news for your mouth. A cavity is a hole in one or more of your teeth. They are caused by gradual tooth decay. In most cases, people […]

Veneers vs Crowns Explained: What’s The Difference?

Jul 15, 2021309 Views

You might have heard of veneers and crowns, but what are they? An established dental practice will provide the installation of both veneers and crowns. And with so many options available to customers, which one should you choose? With veneers vs crowns, it all comes down to what suits your unique dental needs, and which […]

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